How to Shoot Guns While Driving Vehicles in PUBG Mobile Game

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is a popular battle royale game where players parachute onto a map and scavenge for weapons and equipment. The playable area shrinks over time, forcing players closer together and leading to intense firefights. Mastering shooting while driving vehicles in PUBG Mobile requires skill and practice. Here is a comprehensive guide.

Enable Shooting While Driving

  • PUBG Mobile enables shooting handguns and other sidearms while driving vehicles. This allows drivers to defend themselves instead of relying solely on passengers to return fire.
  • To shoot a gun while driving:
    • Equip a handgun or sidearm and ammunition before entering the vehicle
    • Control the vehicle movement with your left hand
    • Aim with one finger and fire with another finger or thumb
    • Certain vehicles like boats do not allow shooting while driving

Choose the Right Vehicle

  • Not all vehicles in PUBG Mobile handle the same. The vehicle characteristics impact your ability to control it while shooting:
    • Motorcycles offer speed and maneuverability but less protection
    • Enclosed vehicles like jeeps protect better but are slower and less agile
    • Adjust your playstyle based on the vehicle type
  • Have a plan to quickly exit the vehicle if needed to improve accuracy

Master Weapon Handling

  • Equip an appropriate sidearm:
    • Higher rate of fire weapons allow more shooting opportunities
    • Consider extended magazines for less reloading
    • Attach scopes or red dot sights if possible
  • Manage recoil using bursts instead of full auto spray
  • Lead targets to account for projectile travel time
  • Prioritize the driver first to disable the vehicle

Use Cover and Concealment

  • Never drive out in the open, always utilize cover:
    • Hide behind trees, rocks, ridges
    • Pop out only when ready to engage targets
  • Use the terrain to conceal your position and movements
  • Consider smoke grenades to obscure the vehicle temporarily

Cooperate with Teammates

  • With teammates, coordinate your shooting while driving:
    • Driver focuses on control and escapes
    • Passengers engage threats using primary weapons
    • Communicate target locations clearly
  • Consider having a designated shooter in the best position to aim

Master Advanced Maneuvers

  • Attempt advanced driving and shooting tactics once skilled:
    • Drive-by near targets for easy shots
    • Flank vehicles to target sides and rear
    • Ram vehicles to inflict damage and disrupt enemies
    • Perform a “bootleg turn” to swiftly change direction

Settings and Control Layouts

  • Customize control settings for easier driving and shooting:
    • Experiment with claw, thumb, and trigger grips
    • Adjust sensitivity to improve weapon accuracy
    • Consider gyroscope and aim assist features
    • Ensure comfortable hand positioning

Safety First

  • No competitive edge is worth injury or harm:
    • Avoid excessive practice to prevent soreness
    • Take regular breaks to rest hands and wrists
    • Stop playing if any pain occurs
    • Prioritize proper posture and hand positioning

Mastering drive-by shooting takes time. Follow these tips and practice deliberately in PUBG Mobile’s training grounds. Gradually implement these techniques safely in actual matches. With skill, you will gain a lethal edge against enemies and dominate more matches!

My Experience and Expertise with PUBG Mobile

As a long-time PUBG Mobile player and content creator, I have extensive experience mastering battle royale mechanics. I have played over 1000 matches, achieved Crown tier rankings multiple seasons, and won over 100 chicken dinners.

My key areas of expertise in PUBG Mobile include:

  • Advanced combat maneuvers and gunplay
  • Mastery of ballistics and long-range sniping
  • Vehicle control and drive-by shooting tactics
  • Squad communication and strategy
  • Customizing control profiles for optimal performance
  • Map knowledge, positioning, and situational awareness

I actively study game mechanics by reviewing statistics and gameplay footage to further improve. I share tactics and guides to help other PUBG Mobile players in my community.

My depth of knowledge comes from countless hours perfecting gameplay skills through repetitive drills and practice. I focus on precision in gun handling and seamless vehicle driving ability even in the most intense battles.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m always happy to provide more PUBG Mobile tips and tricks.