How to Start DLC Expansions in Hollow Knight Game

Hollow Knight is an acclaimed 2D Metroidvania game developed by Team Cherry. The game has received several free DLC expansions that add exciting new content and areas to explore. This article provides a guide on how to access and start the various Hollow Knight DLCs.

Overview of Hollow Knight DLCs

There are currently four DLC expansions for Hollow Knight:

  • Hidden Dreams – Adds 2 new boss fights, fast travel ability, and extra charm buffs.
  • The Grimm Troupe – Introduces a new questline with multiple bosses and enemies.
  • Lifeblood – Provides lifeblood cocoons for healing and new NPC character.
  • Godmaster – Features challenging gauntlets of bosses and the ultimate challenge.

All of these DLCs are free and included in the base game. They blend seamlessly into the world and enhance the overall experience.

Starting the Hidden Dreams DLC

The Hidden Dreams DLC introduces a new Dream Boss that can be accessed in the Palace Grounds area. Here are the steps to start this fight:

  1. Travel to the Palace Grounds from Ancient Basin.
  2. Break the wall to find a tall bug machine.
  3. Dream Nail the corpse inside the machine to enter the dream realm.
  4. Defeat the new boss, Hive Knight. He is a challenging foe that launches hive bombs.

Defeating Hive Knight grants essence to upgrade your Dream Nail. Hidden Dreams also unlocks the Dreamgate fast travel ability once you collect 900 essence.

Activating The Grimm Troupe Quest

To start The Grimm Troupe’s ritual questline, you need to first visit Howling Cliffs:

  1. Enter Howling Cliffs and head left through the breakable wall.
  2. Dream Nail the “Corpse of a Large Bug” on the floor to activate the torch.
  3. Hit the now lit torch with your nail to summon the Grimm Troupe.

After igniting the torch, the Grimm Troupe will set up camp in Dirtmouth. Talk to the characters there to receive new quests and challenges.

Finding Lifeblood Cocoons

The Lifeblood DLC introduces lifeblood cocoons that provide temporary health boosts when rested at. Follow these steps to find your first lifeblood cocoon:

  1. Travel to the Royal Waterways from City of Tears.
  2. In the room with flying jellyfish, swim left and break the wall.
  3. Defeat the two Lesser Mawleks to access the lifeblood cocoon.

There are additional lifeblood cocoons hidden throughout Hallownest. The Lifeblood update also adds Joni, an NPC at the Blue Lake.

Unlocking the Godmaster Content

Godmaster introduces a new game mode with challenging boss rush pantheons. To access the Godhome area:

  1. Enter the Junk Pit in Royal Waterways.
  2. Obtain the Simple Key from a breakable wall near the Colosseum.
  3. Unlock the locked sarcophagus in Junk Pit using the Simple Key.
  4. Dream Nail the corpse inside to enter Godhome.

The Godmaster DLC is intended for experienced players seeking the ultimate Hollow Knight challenge. Be prepared for intense, back-to-back boss fights!


The Hollow Knight DLC expansions provide exciting new content while retaining the base game’s sense of mystery and adventure. Take your time to explore the new areas thoroughly and overcome the enhanced challenges. With persistence and skill, you’ll be able to master the additional content introduced across all four free DLCs.