How to Trigger and Detonate Sticky Explosives in Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V features a wide variety of explosive weapons, including sticky bombs that can be stuck to surfaces before detonating them. Mastering sticky bombs takes some practice, but can allow for creative and strategic uses. Here is a comprehensive guide on using sticky explosives in GTA V:

What Are Sticky Bombs?

Sticky bombs are C4-like explosives that can stick to any surface they hit. They are available for purchase at Ammu-Nation stores.

Some key features of sticky bombs:

  • Adhere to most surfaces including vehicles, walls, floors, etc.
  • Can be thrown and detonated remotely
  • Provide a satisfying explosion
  • Cost $500 each

Sticky bombs unlock tremendous strategic potential compared to regular throwable explosives.

How to Use Sticky Bombs

Using sticky bombs effectively involves placing them strategically and detonating them safely. Here are the basic steps:

Placing Sticky Bombs

  • Aim – Enter aim mode by holding the aim button (LT on Xbox, L2 on PlayStation).
  • Throw – While aiming, throw the sticky bomb at the desired surface by pressing the attack button (RT on Xbox, R2 on PlayStation). It will now stick.
  • Repeat – Throw additional sticky bombs to stick more explosives.

Detonating Sticky Bombs

  • Create distance – Get far away from the placed bombs to avoid self-damage.
  • Detonate – Press the detonate button (left D-pad on controllers, G on keyboard) to trigger the explosions.

Tip: Thrown sticky bombs can be detonated mid-air before they land.

Strategic Uses

With some creativity, sticky bombs can enable unique strategic plays:

Vehicle Traps

Place sticky bombs on civilian or enemy vehicles. When hostiles enter the vehicle, detonate the bombs for a surprise attack.

Property Damage

Destroy buildings, bridges, gas stations and more by sticking multiple bombs to strategic structural points.

Obstacle Removal

Quickly blast through fences, walls, doors, and other barriers by sticking bombs to them before detonating.

Crowd Control

Throwing numerous sticky bombs into a chaotic battlefield can turn the tide in your favor.

Escape Tactics

Drop bombs as you flee from a pursuit to deter chasers. Detonate them once enemies drive over them.

With some practice, players can orchestrate impressive sticky bomb stunts. But use caution – self-inflicted sticky bomb damage is easily possible and painful!

Tips and Notes

Keep these tips in mind when using sticky explosives:

  • Maintain a safe distance after placing bombs to avoid damage from the blasts.
  • Thrown sticky bombs do not explode on impact – they only detonate when the detonate button is pressed.
  • Sticky bomb detonation range is limited. Get too far away and they cannot be triggered.
  • Sticky bombs persist in the game world until detonated or the player dies.
  • Aim carefully when throwing to ensure the bomb sticks to the intended surface.
  • Bombs can be stuck to other players for a sneaky PvP attack.
  • Practice sticky bomb use in solo sessions first to master placement and detonation.

With some clever sticky bomb tactics, GTA V players can orchestrate all kinds of explosive fun. Just be careful not to get caught in your own blasts!