How to Turn On Post Notifications in Instagram Application

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. With so much content being posted every second, it’s easy to miss updates from your favorite accounts. Fortunately, Instagram has a post notifications feature that alerts you whenever certain accounts post new content.

What are Post Notifications?

Post notifications are alerts you can enable to get notified whenever a specific Instagram account posts new photos, videos, or stories. When turned on, you’ll get a push notification on your device each time they share something new. This ensures you never miss content from accounts you care about.

Why Post Notifications are Useful

Here are some of the benefits of turning on post notifications:

  • Stay updated in real-time – Rather than having to constantly check if someone posted, you’ll know right away.
  • Engage with content faster – You can like, comment on, and share new posts faster. Being one of the first to interact helps increase engagement.
  • Don’t miss giveaways or announcements – For business or influencer accounts running contests and giveaways, notifications ensure you see important posts immediately.
  • Tailor your Instagram feed – Only enable notifications from your favorite accounts instead of less relevant ones cluttering up your feed.

How to Turn On Post Notifications on Instagram

Turning on post notifications is a quick and simple process. Here are the steps:

On Mobile

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to the profile page of the account you want to get notifications from
  2. Tap the bell icon in the top right corner
  3. Toggle the switch next to “Posts” to green so it says “On”
  4. Repeat steps for any other accounts you want to enable alerts for

On Desktop

  1. Go to the Instagram profile page of the desired account
  2. Click on the Following button to open a dropdown menu
  3. Check the box next to Show Posts in Feed to enable notifications
  4. Repeat for other accounts

Once enabled, you’ll get alerts whenever the account posts something new.

How to Customize Notification Settings

You can customize notification settings to only receive alerts for certain types of content:

On Mobile:

  • Go back into the bell icon in the account’s profile
  • Toggle on or off posts, stories, IGTV, and live videos

On Desktop:

  • Click on the arrow next to Following
  • Enable/disable different notification options like Posts, Stories, Live Videos, etc.

How to Turn Off Post Notifications

If you want to disable alerts:

On Mobile:

  • Open the profile, tap the bell icon
  • Toggle the Posts switch to white/grey to disable notifications

On Desktop:

  • Return to the Following menu in their profile
  • Uncheck Show Posts in Feed to turn off notifications

And that’s it! With post notifications enabled for your favorite Instagram accounts, you’ll never miss their newest content again.

Tips for Managing Post Notifications

Here are some tips to improve your notifications experience:

  • Only enable notifications from your favorite accounts – Having too many can become overwhelming
  • Create an Instagram notifications group – Add accounts to a custom list like “Fashion” to batch enable/disable
  • Temporary mute accounts if needed – You can take a break from alerts instead of fully turning them off
  • Customize alert settings – Disable certain content types like Stories if you only want feed posts
  • Take occasional notification breaks – The Instagram app has an option to temporarily pause all notifications

Why You Should Be Using Post Notifications

Here are some of the key reasons to take advantage of the post notifications feature:

Stay in the Loop

Never miss new product launches, giveaways, limited-time offers, or other time-sensitive announcements from brands and influencers you follow.

Faster Engagement

You can be one of the first to like and comment on new posts from your favorite accounts. This helps increase engagement.

Stand Out

Accounts are more likely to respond to your comments and engage with you if you are consistently one of the first people interacting with their content.

Improve Visibility

When you turn on post notifications for smaller accounts, it shows them you want to keep seeing their content which encourages them to keep creating.

Enhanced Experience

Tailor your Instagram feed and notifications to only show content you care about rather than everything from accounts you follow.

So if you want to get the most out of Instagram, make sure to take advantage of post notifications! They help you stay connected with the accounts you love.