How to Unlock and Use Aspect Skills in Upcoming Diablo 4 Game

Diablo 4 is introducing a powerful new gear enhancement system called Aspects. Aspects allow players to extract special modifiers from legendary gear and apply them to other items. This guide will explain everything you need to know about unlocking and using Aspects in Diablo 4.

What are Aspects?

Aspects are essentially extractable legendary powers that can be added to non-legendary gear. They provide various bonuses like extra damage, resource generation, crowd control effects, etc. There are over 100 Aspects to collect from dungeons and countless more that can appear randomly on legendary gear.

Benefits of Using Aspects

  • Make rare and magic items viable for endgame builds by turning them into pseudo-legendaries
  • Further customize your character by enhancing specific skills
  • Target farm specific Aspects to enable certain builds
  • Extract Aspects from unwanted legendaries rather than salvaging them

How to Unlock the Aspect System

To gain access to Aspects, you need to:

  • Reach level 25 – This unlocks the Aspect system and Occultists
  • Or complete your first dungeon – Each dungeon awards an Aspect for your Codex

After meeting one of those requirements, speak to an Occultist in town to learn about extracting and imprinting Aspects onto your gear.

Obtaining Aspects

There are two main methods of acquiring Aspects:

1. Complete Dungeons

  • Each dungeon you complete for the first time rewards an Aspect stored in your Codex of Power
  • The Codex records all Aspects you’ve unlocked per character
  • Codex Aspects can be reused on any class

2. Extract from Legendaries

  • Random legendary gear drops have a chance to roll with a special Aspect
  • You can extract this Aspect to obtain it
  • Extraction destroys the item but adds the Aspect to your inventory

Using Aspects

To imprint Aspects onto gear:

  1. Acquire Aspects from dungeons or by extracting them from legendaries
  2. Take Aspects and gear to an Occultist
  3. Imprint the Aspect onto a rare/magic/legendary item
  4. Aspects can only be applied to certain gear types depending on their category

And that’s it! With Aspects equipped, your items gain incredible new powers, essentially becoming legendary gear. Diablo veterans will find this system instrumental in pushing the hardest endgame content.

Aspect Categories

There are five categories of Aspects that correspond to particular gear types:

  • Offensive – Weapons, Off-hands
  • Defensive – Chest, Head, Hands, Feet
  • Utility – Helm, Chest, Boots, Gloves, Amulet
  • Resource – Rings
  • Mobility – Boots, Amulet

Best Aspects

Here are some of the most popular Aspects to target for endgame builds:

  • Barbarian: Aspect of Anemia – Direct damage against bleeding enemies has up to a 35% chance to stun them
  • Sorcerer: Aspect of the Crowded Sage – Heal for 12 life per second for each nearby enemy, up to 66 life per second
  • Necromancer: Blood Getter’s Aspect – Maximum number of Skeletal Warriors/Mages is increased by 10
  • Rogue: Aspect of Artful Initiative – Using a Subterfuge skill increases the damage of your next Agility skill by 13%

There are plenty more powerful Aspects to discover as you explore dungeons and defeat legendary enemies. Each class has Aspects that can dramatically augment builds and push greater rifts.

Aspect Farming

Here are some tips for farming Aspects efficiently:

  • Complete all dungeons in each zone to quickly build your Codex
  • Target farm dungeons that award Aspects you want
  • Prioritize legendary sources that commonly roll with strong Aspects
  • Upgrade rare items at the blacksmith for a chance to discover new Aspects
  • Play solo to ensure all legendary sources belong to you
  • Increase magic find to boost legendary drop rates

With over 100 base Aspects from dungeons and countless more on legendary gear, the Aspect system provides nearly endless build customization. Implement Aspects into your gearing strategy to take any class and build to the next level in Diablo 4!