How to Update and Change Your DoorDash Delivery Tip

Ordering food delivery through DoorDash is convenient, fast, and easy. After you receive your food, you may want to adjust the tip you left for your delivery driver, known as a “Dasher” on DoorDash. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to update and change your DoorDash delivery tip before and after your order arrives.

Check Your Tip Amount Before Placing Your Order

When you go to check out your order on the DoorDash app or website:

  • The Dasher Tip section will show a pre-calculated tip amount based on your order total, usually around 15%.
  • You can adjust this tip amount by selecting the other percentage options or choosing Other to enter a custom tip amount.
  • Be sure to double check that you have entered the tip amount you intend to give your Dasher before placing your order.

Why You May Want to Change Your Tip After Delivery

There are a few reasons why you might want to adjust your tip upward or downward after your order has been delivered:

  • Your Dasher provided exceptionally good or bad service
  • There were issues with your order that were or were not your Dasher’s fault
  • You simply want to change your mind and leave a smaller or larger tip amount

While you can change your tip after delivery, it does require contacting DoorDash Support, and there is no guarantee your request will be approved.

How to Increase Your Tip After Delivery

If you want to increase your tip amount after your order has been delivered:

  • Open the DoorDash app and go to your account tab
  • Tap “View Receipt” next to your recently delivered order
  • Select the option to “Add Tip”
  • Enter the new tip amount you would like to leave

This will send an updated receipt to your Dasher with the additional tip included.

Note: Increasing your tip after delivery requires having sufficient funds in your DoorDash account to cover the difference. The app will temporarily double charge you until the old charge drops off.

How to Reduce Your Tip After Delivery

If you need to reduce your tip amount after delivery:

  • You will have to contact DoorDash Customer Support directly
  • Explain that you want to adjust your Dasher tip and provide a reasonable explanation
  • Submit a formal request through their “Contact Support” form

DoorDash reviews all tip adjustment requests and reserves the right to deny changes they deem unreasonable. So you need to provide a justified, understandable reason if asking to reduce a tip.

Tipping Etiquette and Best Practices

When using DoorDash, keep these tipping recommendations in mind:

  • Tip at least 15-20% as you would for any food service
  • Tip in cash if you want to adjust after delivery without issue
  • Increase tips for excellent service or complicated orders
  • Only reduce tips in extreme circumstances with justification

Following standard tipping etiquette helps ensure Dashers provide good service and want to accept your delivery request.

Why Tipping Well Matters

It’s important to tip your Dasher well because:

  • Dashers rely on tips as a significant portion of their compensation
  • DoorDash only pays Dashers a small base pay per order ($2-3 typically)
  • Dashers use their own vehicles and gas for deliveries

Higher tips generally mean faster service as Dashers will prioritize delivering your order first.


Adjusting your DoorDash tip is easy when placing your initial order and can be done after delivery by contacting Customer Support. To have the best experience, set your tip amount appropriately upfront. If needed, give additional cash tips for great service. Following tipping best practices helps DoorDash continue providing a quality delivery service.