How to Update Your Phone Number in Viber

Changing your phone number in Viber is a straightforward process that allows you to keep your chat history, contacts, settings, and more. With Viber’s change phone number feature, you can update to a new number without losing your data.

When You Should Change Your Viber Number

There are a few common reasons why you may need to update your phone number in Viber:

  • You got a new phone number from your mobile carrier
  • You want to use a different phone number for privacy/security reasons
  • You switched to a new mobile device and phone number

In the past, changing numbers meant you would lose your Viber account and data. But now Viber has options to retain everything even when you link your account to a new number.

Changing Number on Same Device

If you got a new number but are keeping the same device, follow these steps:

  • Open Viber and tap the More tab in the bottom right
  • Go to Settings > Account
  • Tap on Change Phone Number
  • Tap Continue under the “New Phone Number” section
  • Enter your new number and tap Continue
  • Verify your new number via SMS or call
  • Viber will automatically transfer your data to the new number

This process keeps your Viber data intact. Your contacts will receive an in-app notification that your number changed.

Changing Number and Switching Devices

If you got a new phone number and a new device, the process involves:

  • Backing up your Viber data
  • Changing number on old device
  • Installing Viber on new device
  • Restoring backup

Follow these steps:

  • On your old device, open Viber and go to Settings > Account > Change Phone Number
  • Tap Continue under “New Phone Number and New Device”
  • Tap Back Up Now and wait for backup to complete
  • Enter new number and verify to change it on old device
  • Install Viber on your new device and sign in with new number
  • Your chat history will automatically restore

This allows you to migrate your Viber seamlessly to a new phone number and device.

Other Important Tips

Here are some other key things to know about changing your Viber number:

  • Your groups and contacts will remain intact – Only your number changes
  • Turn on chat backup in Settings to auto-save your chat history
  • Export chat history before changing numbers as an extra backup
  • You can link multiple devices to your Viber account

Troubleshooting Problems

If you run into issues changing your Viber number, here is how to troubleshoot:

Can’t verify new number?

  • Check if you entered the correct country code
  • Confirm Viber can send verification texts/calls to your new number
  • Contact your carrier to check if new number is active

No chat history after changing numbers?

  • Check if you had chat backup enabled in Settings
  • Try restoring from a manual Viber chat export
  • Contact Viber Support for further help

Contacts not notified about new number change?

  • Check your Viber notifications settings
  • Ask contacts to refresh their Viber contact info for you
  • Manually message contacts about your number change


Changing phone numbers in Viber is simple and preserves your account details. Just be sure to have backups before starting the process. Enable chat history backups as well.

With Viber’s change phone number feature, you can securely link your account to a new number when changing devices or carriers. This prevents you from losing access while keeping things private.

Let us know if you have any other questions!