How To Use Social Media App BeReal – Complete User Guide

BeReal is a social media app that aims to capture authentic and unfiltered moments of users’ lives. Launched in 2019, BeReal gained rapid popularity in 2022, especially among Gen Z users. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of BeReal and how to use it effectively.

What is BeReal and How Does it Work?

BeReal is often described as the antithesis of apps like Instagram and TikTok. While those platforms encourage carefully curated content, BeReal aims for authenticity.

Here’s how it works:

  • Users receive a notification at a random time each day that says “Time to BeReal.” This notification triggers a 2-minute countdown.
  • Within those 2 minutes, users must snap and share a photo of what they are doing at that exact moment, using both front and back phone cameras simultaneously.
  • There are no filters, editing tools, or ability to upload photos from your camera roll. The goal is to share your unfiltered reality.
  • After posting, you can see your friends’ unfiltered BeReal photos from their day and react to them.

The element of surprise and tight timeframe leads to more authentic, unposed photos that offer an unfiltered look into users’ daily lives.

Signing Up for A BeReal Account

Getting started on BeReal only takes a few quick steps:

  1. Download the BeReal app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Enter your phone number and date of birth when prompted
  3. You’ll receive a text with a verification code – enter it in the app
  4. Allow BeReal to access your contacts (optional)
  5. Take your first BeReal when notified!

You don’t need to enter any personal information like an email address or create a username. The app automatically generates a unique username for you.

Key Features of BeReal

Here are some of the core features that make BeReal unique:

Dual Camera Capture

When taking a BeReal, your front and back phone cameras capture photos simultaneously. This gives your friends a more dynamic view of your reality.


The app archives all your past BeReals. It’s fun to scroll back through them to relive memories!


With Discovery, you can opt to have your BeReals shown to the whole BeReal community. It allows you to connect with new people.


Express reactions to friends’ BeReals using goofy selfie stickers and faces called RealMojis. They show up directly on their photo!

How to Grow Your BeReal Presence

While you can’t gain followers on BeReal, you can expand your reach and connections:

  • Share Username – Let your friends search and add you by username. This is the easiest way to connect.
  • Post to Discovery – Enabling Discovery allows anyone on BeReal to find and react to your photos.
  • Invite from Contacts – Easily invite friends who are already in your contacts list to join BeReal.
  • Engage Frequently – Comment on your friends’ posts with RealMojis to keep them engaged too.

BeReal Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips to get the most out of BeReal:

  • Turn off push notifications and only post when manually opening the app. This allows you to control the timing and prepare interesting content.
  • If you miss the 2-minute posting window, you can retake your BeReal by swiping out of the app. However, it will show that your photo is late.
  • Sharing to other platforms is encouraged! You can natively share BeReals directly to TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and more.
  • Screen record your friends’ reactions to your BeReal using built-in screen recording. Their RealMojis will be captured!

Is BeReal Safe?

Data privacy and safety is always a valid concern when using social media apps. Here is BeReal’s stance:

  • BeReal does not sell data to third parties or use data for advertising purposes.
  • They state user data is only shared with service providers related to app operations and infrastructure.
  • You control your privacy settings, including keeping your exact location hidden in BeReals if desired.
  • Being an age-restricted app, safety precautions are taken around minor users.

However, always exercise caution when posting photos or engaging with strangers online. Utilize privacy settings to control who sees your content.

The Future of BeReal

While the app has skyrocketed in popularity, it remains to be seen whether BeReal will turn into a sustainable social media platform.

Some challenges and questions that remain include:

  • Monetization – With no ads or current revenue model, how will BeReal manage costs long-term?
  • Novelty wearing off – Will the element of surprise lose its charm over time for users?
  • Maintaining authenticity – As popularity grows, will disingenuous behaviors emerge like users staging photos?

For now, BeReal offers a refreshing change of pace from highly curated social media. But the app still has much room to evolve in order to stand the test of time.

Final Thoughts

BeReal brings some excitement back into social media by encouraging authentic, unfiltered content. Give it a try to breathe new life into your social media habits!

Follow this guide to easily get started, effectively use key features, and grow your connections on BeReal. Stay safe online and have fun being real!