Instagram: How to Get Rid of Annoying Suggested Posts in Your Feed

Key takeaways:

  • Suggested posts are based on your interactions and can’t be completely disabled
  • You can provide feedback to see fewer similar suggested posts
  • Browsing posts from accounts you follow can reduce suggested posts
  • Third-party apps offer some customization options for your Instagram feed

Instagram’s suggested posts feature can be helpful for discovering new content, but it can also be annoying when it clutters your feed with irrelevant posts. While there’s no built-in way to completely turn off suggested posts, there are a few strategies you can use to see fewer of them and take back control of your Instagram experience.

Understanding Instagram’s Suggested Posts

Instagram’s algorithm uses machine learning to understand your interests based on the accounts you follow, the posts you like and comment on, and other actions you take on the platform. It then uses this information to suggest posts that it thinks you’ll find interesting, even if you don’t follow the accounts that created them.

Suggested posts usually appear after you’ve seen all the recent posts from accounts you follow. They’re designed to keep you scrolling and engaging with the app, but they can quickly become repetitive or irrelevant if the algorithm misunderstands your interests.

Providing Feedback on Suggested Posts

One of the easiest ways to see fewer annoying suggested posts is to tell Instagram when it misses the mark. To do this:

  1. Tap the three dots icon above a suggested post
  2. Select “Not Interested”
  3. Choose a reason why you don’t want to see the post, such as:
  • I don’t like the post
  • I’ve seen too many posts like this
  • The post is inappropriate

Instagram will use this feedback to refine its suggestions over time. While it won’t remove suggested posts entirely, consistently providing feedback can help train the algorithm to show you more relevant content.

Browsing Posts from Accounts You Follow

Another way to see fewer suggested posts is to spend more time engaging with content from accounts you actually follow. When you scroll past suggested posts and keep browsing, Instagram will eventually show you posts from your followed accounts again.

You can also use Instagram’s “Following” feed view to only see posts from accounts you follow in chronological order. To access this view:

  1. Tap the Instagram logo at the top of your feed
  2. Select “Following” instead of “Home”

Keep in mind that the Following view only shows recent posts, so you may still see suggested posts if you scroll for long enough. However, it’s a good way to catch up on posts from your favorite accounts without distractions.

Using Third-Party Apps to Customize Your Feed

If you’re willing to use a third-party app, you can gain more control over your Instagram feed and filter out suggested posts entirely. Apps like Friendly for Instagram and Cleaner for IG offer features like:

  • Chronological feed viewing
  • Keyword filters to hide posts containing certain words or hashtags
  • The ability to hide sponsored posts and ads

Keep in mind that these apps require you to log in with your Instagram credentials, so make sure you trust the developer before using them. Additionally, Instagram’s terms of service prohibit some types of feed customization, so using these apps could potentially put your account at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I permanently turn off suggested posts on Instagram?

No, Instagram doesn’t currently offer a setting to permanently disable suggested posts. However, you can use the strategies outlined above to see fewer of them over time.

Do I have to provide feedback on every suggested post I don’t like?

No, you don’t have to provide feedback on every post. Instagram’s algorithm will learn from the feedback you do provide and gradually show you fewer posts similar to the ones you’ve marked as uninteresting.

Will using a third-party app to customize my Instagram feed get my account banned?

It’s possible, but unlikely if you use a reputable app. Instagram’s terms of service prohibit some types of feed customization, but many third-party apps operate within these guidelines. However, there’s always a risk when sharing your login credentials with a third-party service.

Can I use Instagram’s “Mute” feature to hide suggested posts?

No, the Mute feature only hides posts and stories from specific accounts that you follow. It doesn’t affect suggested posts or ads.

Will I miss out on interesting content if I hide all suggested posts?

Possibly, but it’s a trade-off between discovering new content and having a more streamlined feed. If you find that hiding suggested posts makes your Instagram experience more enjoyable, it may be worth missing out on the occasional interesting post. You can always browse the Explore page or use hashtags to find new content instead.