Best Kingston USB Password Protection Alternative You Can Buy Now!

Kingston USB Password Protection Software

Kingston is one of well-known USB stick makers since a decade ago.

This company is founded back in 1987 in California and now manage storage devices, such as SSD, flash drive, RAM, and flash card.

Anyway, do you think Kingston USB password protection software is available to download for free?

Unfortunately, it’s not. The company does not develop its own security software for their products.

Luckily, I still have good news for you.

There is much other software that offers USB flash drive protection with a password for Kingston or even other USB brands.

Alternative Kingston USB Password Protection Software

Previously we had posted an article about USB protection apps, it works for any USB flash drive storage devices, including SD card.

You probably want to see it.

Since Kingston isn’t built a companion app for a flash drive, there are no options except downloading third-party software and use it for your devices.

You can click the link that I’ve provided above and read the instructions on it.


Kingston has a flash drive with built-in password protection

Kingston USB Password Protection Software
This flash drive doesn’t need a Kingston USB password protection software

I literally don’t know why you want to keep your files secure on the flash drive.

Did you store sensitive information that can ignite the World War III? Or you put nuclear launch code on it?

If yes, you need to buy specialize flash drive with built-in password protection. Sure, it’s safer than any software-based protection method.

The flash drive dubbed as Kingston Data Traveler 2000, featured with 256-bit hardware-based encryption and alphanumeric keypad to input your password.

The algorithm system also has FIPS 197 certification which means almost no one able to tamper (bypass) the circuit board.

The flash drive will destroy itself when someone inputs the wrong password 10 times in a row.

Don’t worry, it does not design to explode (like Mission Impossible). It will erase its data automatically.

Kingston Data Traveler 2000 is available for a customer with vary capacity, from 4GB to 64GB. The cheapest one is priced at $74 USD and highest version $154 USD on Amazon.

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