10 Different Ways to Make a Call from Computer

Make a Call from Computer

Making a call considered to be the only capability that owned by a traditional telephone or mobile phone, until internet joins the party. With the degradation of internet price, much and much people adopted this new network technology. Now, you can use your computer device to calling someone over the internet without worry about telephone bills since the communications occur between internet. Many of software providing extra features allowing you to make a call from computer, and the good news — it’s free.

However, several calling services also provides paid call to connect between the computer and mobile phone. Yet, if the users conduct a call in same services, the charges are down to be zero because both people linked through a peer-to-peer connection (without third-party entity). Therefore, make sure you understand who people you want to call and what are services they likely use, so expenses for calling can be lowered as possible.

Check out 10 ways to make a call from a computer, including paid and free services.

Method #1: Make a Call from Computer Using Facebook Messenger

Make a Call from Computer Messenger

Despite the main ecosystem of Messenger by Facebook is around mobile device solely, the company saw the opportunity to enable almost major features of Messenger for the desktop user. The services are completely free with no charge since it’s connected by internet. What you need is a speaker with the microphone and also a web camera if you wanted to make a video call.

How to make a call from computer using Facebook Messenger:

  1. Go to Facebook Messenger web app
  2. Log in to your Facebook account
  3. Select a contact you want to call
  4. On the upper right corner page, click the phone icon
  5. Now you can say hello to the person across

Method #2: Directly Call from a Phone Using AirDroid

Make a Call from Computer AirDroid

In case the person you want to call is only available through traditional phone number, you still can call them from the computer but with a phone help too. The AirDroid is a great platform used for controlling the phone from desktop PC. Once the phone has connected, the basic features of that are available on your computer screen, including a phone call, text messages, file transfer, camera, contacts, file explorer, music, and many more. AirDroid comes with a nearly similar interface with Android devices, you must be easily savvy the program.

How to make a call from computer using AirDroid:

  1. Download and install the AirDroid app on your Android phone
  2. Open it and select AirDroid Web
  3. Tap the Scan QR Code
  4. Visit the AirDroid web services here http://web.airdroid.com
  5. Using your phone, scan the QR code that displayed on the AirDroid web
  6. On your phone, tap Sign In
  7. Once it connected, click the Contacts menu on the AirDroid web
  8. Select a contact name you desired to call

Note: Charges might apply since it performs calls using the traditional phone call. However, you can install a new Android app on the AirDroid, such as WhatsApp, Line, or Messenger to make a call for free. The whole features of AirDroid only available for the registered user.

Method #3: Call Longer but Less Price with Google Hangouts

Make a Call from Computer Google Hangouts

Google is undoubtedly the most influenced company offering very cheap services but has overwhelming experiences. Google Hangouts is a phone and messaging platform, established by Google back in 2013. Although the adoption is pretty low and not many people really take the benefit of it, the services still running and the company working tirelessly to ensure the best performances with inexpensive charges. This is paying services, hence, make sure you have added credit and enough balance to make a call. Don’t worry, the rates are extremely low and the balance is refundable.

How to make a call from computer using Google Hangouts:

  1. Go to Google Hangouts web page
  2. Click the Phone Call
  3. On the left sidebar, select a people you want to call
  4. Before you have a access to call, Google might ask to verify your phone number
  5. Click Make a Call

Note: Google Hangouts services charge extremely low rates, even compared to the local telecommunications provider. But if you make a call from or to the United States and Canada, the price is free. See the charges for every country here https://www.google.com/voice/rates?p=hangout.

Method #4: Make a Free Call Using Line App

Make a Call from Computer Line

Like Facebook Messenger, Line app also capable to make a call through internet connection between of its user. This Japan-based company has hundreds of millions of user, so there’s a huge chance that your colleague also is a part of Line ecosystem. You probably already know that this messaging app has a free calling services for all of its user. Luckily, those services are included on the desktop platform, yet the user needs to download the app first before enjoying the services.

How to make a call from computer using Line:

  1. Download the Line app here, also available on Windows Store
  2. Install the app as usual
  3. Open and log in to your existing Line account, you can also get the access using QR code
  4. Verify the account from your phone
  5. On the Line PC, click the Chats icon
  6. Select the person you going to call
  7. Click the phone icon button to make a call

Method #5: Call Someone for Free/Paid Using Viber

Make a Call from Computer Viber

Viber is providing both free and paid to call services. When you call someone which already on the Viber network (Viber In), you don’t need to worry about charges. This kind of services is similar to WhatsApp, Line, and Facebook Messenger. However, if you wanted to call a person that not available on Viber or in other words, through a phone number, the company offering certainly low rates for both international and local calling. Even for some regions, the price is far below Skype and other paid calling services.

How to make a call from computer using Viber:

  1. Download and install Viber for desktop or Mac
  2. Log in with email or QR code from the Viber on the mobile device
  3. Viber on the desktop will automatically sync the contact name, please wait for a moment
  4. Select a person you want to call
  5. Click the phone icon button on the upper right corner of Viber window

Method #6: Make a Call Using Skype

Make a Call from Computer Skype

Skype is still similar services like Viber and Google Hangouts, but since it comes as default app of Windows 10, you don’t need to download the app anymore. Skype is connected with Microsoft Windows account to easier usage. Voice calling and video calling with people who also in Skype (Skype to Skyp) is completely free. Meanwhile, calling landlines through phone number is required to pay. Make sure you have enough credit to make a call from computer to phone. The company offers subscription and one-time payment as low as $5.

How to make a call from computer using Skype:

  1. Download the Skype over here
  2. Install the program
  3. Log in to your account or create if don’t have one yet
  4. Click the numeric icon at the upper menu to make a landline call
  5. Add friend if you want to make a call from Skype to Skype

Method #7: The Cheapest Landlines Call Charges from VoipConnect

Make a Call from Computer VoipConnect

Google Hangouts and Viber might claim to be the cheapest way to call someone between line connection, but apparently, VoipConnect from FreeCall only ask you a fragment of the price. The average VoipConnect rates are less than half of Google Hangouts and Viber was cost. For example, calling from the US to Thailand using Google services will cost you $0,05 while VoipConnect only $0,02 per minute. So, that’s not an exaggeration when FreeCall claims their services as the cheapest on the planet.

How to make a call from computer using VoipConnect:

  1. Download the VoipConnect for desktop
  2. Install the program as usual
  3. Open and log in to your account or create one if you don’t have yet
  4. Fill the phone number you want to call
  5. Click the green call button to conduct a call

Method #8: Free Call Over United States by Google Voice

Make a Call from Computer Google Voice

After struggling with a development for a couple years, Google Voice is finally out with better services and subtle interfaces, despite it’s too late to entering free call market. But anyway, it comes as a leader, thanks for advanced, easy to use features. Google Voice is supposed to be a business communication tool, much like Slack which already popular before. Talking about capability, Google Voice is now supported auto-transcribed voice mail for English and Spanish, spam-filtering, call forwarding, and many more. This service is guaranteed to be free, but only available for United States citizen.

How to make a call from computer using Google Voice:

  1. Go to Google Voice web page
  2. Select the phone number you likely to use
  3. Verify that number using your existing phone number
  4. Open the Calls tab
  5. At the upper menu, click Make a Call
  6. Enter the name of contacts or phone number you want to call
  7. At the bottom of the screen, click Call

Note: If you call from Google Voice to the phone (landline), the system will direct you to Google Hangouts services.

Method #9: Calling for Gaming Purpose using RaidCall

Make a Call from Computer RaidCall

RaidCall wasn’t specifically designed for conventional phone calling. Instead, the developer expects the software is used by gamers who want to call their friends online if the video game itself doesn’t come with active voice chat ability. Anyway, RaidCall is still can be used to communicate with someone even outside the game. It lets you open or close the communication without disconnecting friends. In other words, the internet bandwidth usage can be lowered and it’s good for people who depend on a metered connection.

How to make a call from computer using RaidCall:

  1. Download and install RaidCall on the PC
  2. Register your account
  3. Add a friend (that also using RaidCall)
  4. Make a call with your friend(s)
  5. Once it connected, press and hold Left CTRL button to start speaking

Method #10: Make a Call from WhatsApp via Mirroring App

Make a Call from Computer WhatsApp

Both WhatsApp web and WhatsApp desktop software aren’t supported dialing to another user. For now, the only way to make a call using WhatsApp from your desktop computer is mirroring phone display to the computer screen. In other words, you gain a full control of your phone, including the apps that installed on it. For this method I would like to recommend to using Vysor, it’s free, lightweight, and easy to use. It also available for the major operating system.

How to make a call from WhatsApp desktop using Vysor:

  1. Download the Vysor app on your Android phone
  2. Open the app and follow the guides
  3. Connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable
  4. Install Vysor extension for Google Chrome
  5. Open Vysor on the Chrome
  6. Click View to start mirroring Android screen
  7. Open WhatsApp (or other free calling services)
  8. Make a call

Note: The free version of Vysor will show you an advertisement every 30 minutes. To remove an ad and access all future features, the app has a subscription plan start from $2,50/month.

Alright, that’s the most proven method to make a call from a computer.


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