My USB Broken How to Recover Data Without Losing it?

USB Broken How to Recover Data - My USB Broken How to Recover Data Without Losing it? 3

USB flash drive is one of smallest storage devices that actually susceptible to broken due to the low reliable material. Damaged USB is a common problem today.

The people are worried about something that stored inside it, not the physical USB flash drive. I mean the data, data is essential for any reason. Furthermore, some of my friends ask me “hey man, my USB broken how to recover data?

Here the answer.

USB Broken How To Recover Data?

It depends on the level of damage to your USB. Try to plug in your USB stick to another PC and see whether detected or not. You can also wiggle it a little to ensure all connectors in the right position.

If this method isn’t the case, it’s mean your USB flash drive might be broken. Okay, please continue reading.

Broken connectors

USB Broken How to Recover Data

The bad news is the connectors that link the USB stem with its chip considerably broken. You will not realize it unless you open it. Therefore, you have to solder to linked it back. This doesn’t require precision soldering skills.

The space between joints isn’t tight. Only need below average soldering skill which is easy, even if you never soldering before.


USB chip is fractured in pieces

USB board or USB chip is the main part of its system. Damaged connectors are possible to be repaired, but reassembly wrecked mainboard is impractical.

Perhaps the USB manufacture has tools to help you. But personally, I’m not sure about this.

In other words, let it go. It might not be recoverable.

Don’t know the case, but want to recover data

If you are not sure what’s the problem with your USB stick, you can try some apps that specially designed to retrieve data from broken USB.

Please read the previous tutorial How to Recover Files From a Broken USB Flash Drive Instantly.

Remember, broken USB means broken storage environment. The success rate of recovering files varies, between 10 percent to 95 percent. Hence, some data might never back.

I also recommend you to backup USB drive just in case the flash drive is damaged hardly, lost somewhere, or stolen by someone.


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