PUBG: How to Play With Bots for Skill Improvement


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) can be an intimidating game for new players. With a steep learning curve and highly skilled opponents, it’s easy to get eliminated early on without making much progress. This is where playing against bots can come in handy.

Bots are AI-controlled players that have been added to PUBG matches to provide an easier onboarding experience for newer players. While experienced PUBG veterans continue improving their skills, many newer players struggle and get demotivated facing quick eliminations against more seasoned opponents.

Playing against bots allows new players to get familiar with PUBG’s core mechanics against less threatening opponents. It enables them to get a few kills, understand the game flow better, and gain confidence before taking on real players.

This article provides tips on how to play against more bots as a new player and use them effectively to improve your skills.

How to Play Against More Bots

Here are some tips to increase your chances of getting into matches with a higher bot to player ratio:

Play Solo Matches

Solo matches have a higher number of bots than squad games. Queue into solo games if you want to play against more bots.

Choose Unpopular Maps

Less popular maps like Vikendi have more bots to fill up the server capacity. Pick these maps when available to face easier opponents.

Play During Off-Peak Hours

During off-peak times, matchmaking takes longer, so the game adds more bots to start the match faster. Avoid peak times if you want bot-heavy matches.

Create a New Account

Your account’s skill level determines matchmaking. Creating a new account means the matchmaking system will pit you against more bots initially.

How to Use Bots Effectively for Improvement

Once you are matched into games with more bots, use them effectively to improve your skills with these tips:

Work on Gun Skills

Practice gun handling, recoil control, and aiming against bots. Their simpler movement patterns will help develop your weapon skills.

Experiment with Guns

Try out different guns like snipers, SMGs, assault rifles against bots to find out which weapon class fits your playstyle.

Improve Looting Speed

Since bots don’t loot efficiently, use them as opportunities to improve your own looting speed and prioritization.

Practice Combat Tactics

Attempt ambushes, flanking maneuvers and other battle tactics against bots to execute them better subsequently against real opponents.

Learn the Maps

Explore maps while hunting bots to understand the terrain, buildings, routes, and other map knowledge required to excel in PUBG.


Playing against bots can be invaluable for mastering PUBG basics for new players without the frustration of quick eliminations. Use the tips outlined here to play against more bots and leverage them to get battle-ready for the real PUBG challenge.

With improved gun skills, equipment familiarity and combat readiness, you will gain the confidence to triumph over real opponents in PUBG’s harsh battle royale environment.