How Mini USB Fridge Works Cooling your Drink?

USB Fridge How it Works

Today there are a tremendous amount of USB gadgets and one of them sounds really strange.

Yep, like USB fridge. But, how that’s work? This device simulated large refrigerator into one small box that can fit a bottle or can. With a very limited area and components, how can this thing actually work?

Mini USB Fridge, How it Works?

If you tear down USB fridge, you will find major component dubbed thermoelectric. This part plays a huge role in the device. It looks like a white ceramic plate with a pair of cables that connected to the power source.

Thermoelectric convert electricity into heat. Using composite material, heat dissipated and become cooler. Therefore, one side of thermoelectric will hot, while the other side can reach below 0 degrees Celcius.

Thermoelectric look like this.

USB Fridge How it Works

The USB fridge takes advantage of cooler side of thermoelectric. But the downside of this system, the hot side will eventually claim the cold side and the device turn into hot.

To prevent it, the USB fridge maker using a solid tin or heatsink to absorb heat on the hot side. You probably realize that the fridge in your home has a very hot part while the temperature inside reached negative degrees Celcius.

Those products basically have the same concept, but for USB fridge, it uses low reliable components that only capable enough to cooling a tiny amount of water, like bottle or tin can.


So, let’s we wrap out how USB fridge works:

  1. USB port supplies energy to the mini fridge
  2. Thermoelectric convert electricity into heat
  3. Heat absorbed by the heatsink and only cold side remains
  4. The cold side cooling down your drink

The USB fridge is quite simple and has a less component. You even can make this one by the DIY project.

USB fridge not as good as conventional fridge

The mini USB fridge uses small voltage and low reliable parts. Hence, it only designed to cooling your drink while you working something with a computer.

It wasn’t good as the conventional large fridge in your house, but still, it definitely lowing the temperature inside its trunk. The USB connection also gives you the flexibility to use, with a laptop, desktop computer or using USB charging adaptor.

The USB fridge isn’t for you if you want to freeze food or your coke. Instead, this product is good if you always want fresh drink anywhere while you working something with a laptop.

The average mini USB fridge priced at $20 to $40 for a single unit on Amazon. The expensive one offers a better cooling system with useful additional features. However, you can buy it according to your needs or make it with a DIY project.


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