7 Useful Features on Windows 10 You Never Heard Off

Useful Features on Windows 10

Two things that inevitable, universe expanding and Windows 10 update. Despite the hating opinions spread quickly over the internet, Microsoft notoriously to keep updating its latter operating system for the customers. The last iteration of Windows OS has been received some updates that contain dozens of new features along with fixing older program such as Edge as the replacement of Internet Explorer. Visually, you may notice a few things on the desktop screen, yet the updates are bigger than you thought.

Revived Start Menu, clean interfaces, Cortana, and Quick Actions are probably several noticeable features on the Windows 10. If you are new on this system, you might never hear these useful features, leaving them in the dust without recognizing how powerful they are.

After using Windows 10 since its release and reading some news coverage about Windows Update, I found at least 7 (it may increase) useful capabilities that mostly abandoned by the PC owner. Let me show you those features and you absolutely should try it.

Task Scheduler

10 Useful Features on Windows 10 You Never Heard Off - Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler originally released in Windows 95 but it sustains minor improvement for years until Microsoft finally put their attention on it when Windows 10 announced for the public. This program is similar to IFTTT (If This Then That) which automatically trigger another program when you launch a specific program, or by setting a schedule. For example, when you going to play video games, you can use Task Scheduler to close remained apps to reduce RAM and CPU usage instantly.

In order to use Task Scheduler, you can find it through the Start Menu search feature. Then, click “Create Task” for getting started. Furthermore, the PC would run tasks you have made before.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

7 Useful Features on Windows 10

Despite have been criticized for the weak sensitivity of viruses detection, Microsoft just keeps improving its default protection system as the mandatory part of Windows’ ecosystem. Finally, the triumph arrived when the Windows Defender quickly encounters the most dangerous malware such as Ransomware Wannacry back in 2017.

This security tool should be activated and running in the background if the Windows has already updated to the recent version. In case you didn’t get the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, you can download it from Microsoft Support.

Ultimate Performance Mode

10 Useful Features on Windows 10 Ultimate Performance - 7 Useful Features on Windows 10 You Never Heard Off 5

On a Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, Microsoft has injected dozens of features and one of them is an Ultimate Performance Mode, designed specifically for a desktop computer running on the Windows 10 Professional for Workstations. This power option would legitimately increase the overall performance specifically for programs that demanding hardware consumption.

As previously mentioned, this mode is just visually available on the Windows 10 Professional for Workstations. However, you can unveil the option for Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home. Check out the earlier article: How to Activate Ultimate Performance on Windows 10 All Edition.

Please note that it wouldn’t work for a battery-powered device.

Virtual Desktop

7 Useful Features on Windows 10


The Virtual Desktop originally came from Apple’s OS-X, which allows you to add more screen to run separated apps. Simply say, it basically having multiple desktops with a single monitor. You might familiar with ALT+TAB hotkeys to switch between apps quickly. The Virtual Desktop is seemingly much like that, yet you switching between desktop screen instead of running software.

In order to set up Virtual Desktop, go to Settings → System → Multitasking. The icon is located next to the Start or Cortana button on the Taskbar by default. While to switch the screen, simply by pressing a CTRL+WINDOWS key on the keyboard.

Night Light

7 Useful Features on Windows 10

Have you ever eyestrain after staring at the computer screen for hours? Beside the flicker effect, it also caused by the blue light radiation emits from the screen. Microsoft just added a favorable feature named Night Light. As the name suggests, it could adjust the screen color naturally when the day is off.

Blue light radiation is affecting your sleep cycle, especially when using a computer at night. Hence, the Night Light is designed to make your body later over time during the bedtime. Activating Night Light is easy, merely by visiting the Quick Actions and click on the “Night Light” tile.

If you interested to decrease the blue light exposure on your mobile and computer device, check out the complete guide to Reduce Blue Light Radiation from Screen.

Screen Recorder

7 Useful Features on Windows 10

Windows 10 and video game console Xbox are the product from Microsoft. Hence, the company has tried to integrate both systems seamlessly. On Windows 10, you can enable the Game Bar, a feature that storing some useful abilities regarded to video games and one of them is screen recording.

By pressing WINDOWS+G button on the keyboard the Game Bar will appear on the bottom of the screen. From there, you can record the active window either if it was a video game or just a calculator. The video would be stored in an MP4 format and located at the This PC → Videos → Captures. It also available on the Xbox Gaming Overlay.

Watching 360º Video

How to Play 360%C2%B0 Video on PC 3 - 7 Useful Features on Windows 10 You Never Heard Off 10

Who says watching a 360º video requires a third-party app? Windows 10 featuring Movies & TV, a modern media player that contains tons of new features. It’s now capable to run 360-degree video smoothly with no lag and distortion. It even can be combined with a VR headset for immersive experiences.

If you had a 360-degree video, right-click on it, hover to “Open with” and select “Movies & TV”. After the media player is showed, click the three-horizontal dots icon and choose “Play as 360º video”. Now, use the mouse to look around.

So, that’s several useful features on Windows 10 that rarely known. Which one is your favorite?


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