Beginner’s Guide Before Buy MicroSD for Galaxy S8

What Kind of MicroSD Card for Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 boasts with new camera configuration and tremendous performance. Higher hardware eventually requires you to use a higher specification of microSD.

Then what kind of microSD card I should have for my Samsung Galaxy S8?

You can’t just buy an ordinary SD card. There are many considerations before picking the right microSD for your S8 phone. If you randomly bought 128 GB microSD card for without consent to the read/write speed, it some features of the phone may not works well.

Here are the criteria you have to follow.

Capacity: 32GB or higher is recommended

Samsung Galaxy S8 provides 4K video recording, resulting in gigabytes memory consumption just for few minutes video. Therefore, microSD’s capacity is undoubtedly critical.

I prefer to choose at least 32 GB microSD card for average usage. But if you are a video addict, 128 GB could sufficient enough for your needs.

Speed: make sure you choose a Class 10 grade

Performance doesn’t really matter if you want to using a feature phone. But for Samsung Galaxy S8, you need a high-performance microSD in order to meet the software demands.

Modern microSD brands split performance into two categories:

  • Class
  • Ultra High Speed (UHS)

If you planned to buy Class version, makes sure the microSD has Class 10 grade because since it has the highest speed on its category. Meanwhile, UHS is slightly higher than Class version. UHS also only have three types: UHS 1, UHS 2, and UHS 3.

In addition, the Class 10 represented by “C “with number “10” inside the letter. On the other side, UHS symbolized with the letter “U” with number 1/2/3 inside the letter.

The best MicroSD for Galaxy S8 (my opinion)

There’s a lot of microSD products on the market today, but only a strict amount recognized as the best microSD for Samsung Galaxy S8. Here are some options I’d like to recommend since these brands have positive recognition and consistent performance so far.

#1 SanDisk Extreme – affordable yet powerful

What Kind of MicroSD Card for Samsung Galaxy S8


The most affordable one is the SanDisk Extreme microSD card. This microSD also bundle an adapter for DSLR camera. The read/write speed can reach 90 MB/second and capable to record 4K UHD 1080p video or literally far beyond the requirements of Galaxy S8.

Moreover, this device product also includes a RescuePro Deluxe software, designed to recover deleted files.

SanDisk Extreme starts with $18.85 for 32 GB option, $30.40 for 64 GB, and $64.56 for 128 GB.

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#2 Samsung EVO Select – would be great for Samsung brand

What Kind of MicroSD Card for Samsung Galaxy S8

Using a Samsung phone sounds match to purchase storage expansion from the same brand. Samsung Evo Select offers 95 MB/s read, and 20 MB/s write speed respectively with powerful Class 10 grade for a 32 GB options. Meanwhile, the 256 GB version is way faster. It can perform 100 MB/s read & write speed, thanks to its UHS 3 grade performance.

Samsung Evo Select priced at $12.99 for 32 GB, $19.99 for 64 GB, $39.99 for 128 GB, and $109.90 for 256 GB.

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Alright, I only give you minimum recommendation product you can buy. I don’t wanna confuse you by offering dozens of product which actually pretty much the same. After all, it was the best microSD in terms of price-to-performance.

As long the capacity is big enough, the speed meets the phone’s requirements, comes from trusted brands, and legit positive reviews you can buy any microSD besides my recommendation.


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