Simple Guide for Xbox Storage Flash Drive System

Xbox Storage Flash Drive

Xbox storage flash drive means you are able to save your game content, including profile, music, videos, and anything else directly to your USB flash drive.

This option is mainly chosen after onboard storage didn’t enough anymore to save new files.

Luckily, this feature really helps for some user.

The requirement for Xbox storage flash drive

Before we jump in too deep, there are many mandatory requirements in order to configure this setup.

If your devices don’t meet the requirements, it might affect the performance or Xbox console will reject it.

  • The flash drive capacity maximum of 2 TB
  • Strongly recommended using fast speed read-write flash drive
  • NTFS type flash drive
  • Latest Xbox 360 update, see how to get Xbox 360 update

Using the flash drive to save files on Xbox

First, plug in a USB flash drive into the USB port on the front of your Xbox console.

Then, press the guide button (Xbox logo) on your controller. On your screen, select Settings, and then choose System Settings.


There are many options, just select Storage (some versions shows Memory), located on the third menu in a row.

After that, select USB Storage Device. Select Configure Now and choose Yes to clean all USB flash drive data for preparing additional storage for Xbox.

It usually takes less than minutes, depending on the capacity of your drive.

After the erasing section finished, you can start using the flash drive to store saved games, profile, and avatar items.

You also able to move, copy, or delete Xbox files through the console.

Additional information about Xbox storage flash drive

The Xbox storage flash drive system might decline your device due to lack of performance or critical damage. Some low-speed flash drive still can be used for this system but will affect overall gaming performance.

Flash drive that dedicated to Xbox storage devices can’t be read on a computer. You need to revert it back by formatting (deleting all files) the flash drive.


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