How to Access and Use Starz Streaming App on Xfinity Platforms

Starz is a premium cable channel that offers a streaming app with over 1,000 movies and original TV shows. If you have an Xfinity TV subscription, here is a guide on how to access and use the Starz streaming app on Xfinity platforms.

Getting Access to Starz on Xfinity

To get access to Starz on Xfinity, you need to:

  1. Choose an Xfinity TV package that includes Starz. Most packages offer Starz as an add-on channel for $9-11 per month.
  2. Add Starz to your channel lineup during checkout when signing up for Xfinity TV service. Make sure it is checked under “premium channels”.
  3. Once your Xfinity TV subscription is active, you will have access to the Starz cable channel as well as the Starz streaming app.

Using the Starz App on Xfinity

The Starz streaming app allows you to watch Starz movies and shows anywhere, on multiple devices. Here is how to use it with your Xfinity subscription:

Downloading the Starz App

The Starz app is available on iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. Simply search “Starz” on your device’s app store and download the app.

Logging into the Starz App

When you open the Starz app for the first time, choose “TV Provider” as your sign-in option. Enter your Xfinity username and password to link your Starz subscription to the app.

Browsing and Streaming Content

The Starz app organizes content into different sections like movies, originals, on demand, and more. Browse titles or use the search feature to find something specific to watch. Select any title to start streaming instantly.

Downloading for Offline Viewing

Any title on the Starz app can be downloaded to watch offline later. On each movie or show page, select the download icon to save it locally to your device. Internet is only needed for the initial download.

Multiple User Profiles

The Starz allows up to 5 user profiles per account. Set up customized watchlists and keep track of your viewing history separately from other household members.

Parental Controls

If you want to restrict access to mature content, set parental controls on individual user profiles. There are TV and movie rating options to limit what can be viewed.

Video and Audio Quality

In the Starz app settings, you can adjust video quality from standard definition to high definition 1080p. Audio options include English or Spanish languages. Turn subtitles on or off as needed.

Using Starz on Xfinity X1

If you have Xfinity X1 TV boxes, Starz can be accessed right on your television:

Accessing the Starz App

Press the Xfinity button on your X1 remote and go to Apps > Starz to open the app. Use your Xfinity credentials to sign-in to the Starz app.

Browsing Starz Channels

In addition to the Starz streaming app, your X1 box includes the live Starz cable channels. Go to Guide or say “Starz” into the X1 voice remote to tune to channels like Starz Encore, Starz Kids & Family, etc.

Finding Starz Content with X1 Search

Say the name of a Starz movie or show into the X1 voice remote. Results from the Starz streaming library and live channels will appear together for easy browsing. Select a title to start watching.

So in summary, Xfinity subscribers can access the full Starz streaming library by adding Starz to their channel package. The Starz app provides flexible viewing on mobile devices, while Xfinity X1 integrates Starz directly into the TV experience. With thousands of titles to choose from, Starz is perfect for movie lovers.