How to Play Dead by Daylight with Friends

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where four survivors try to escape a ruthless killer. Playing the game with friends makes it much more fun and thrilling. This guide will provide tips on how to play Dead by Daylight with friends on various platforms.

Overview of Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is developed and published by Behaviour Interactive. Some key things to know:

  • There are currently 24 killers and 27 survivors to choose from
  • Matches involve 4 survivors working together against 1 killer
  • Survivors must repair 5 out of 7 generators to power exit gates and escape
  • The killer aims to catch and hook survivors, sacrificing them to a dark entity

The game relies heavily on teamwork between survivors. Playing with friends allows better coordination and overall leads to more enjoyable matches.

Adding Friends

To play Dead by Daylight with friends, you first need to add them to your in-game friends list:

  • PC / Console: Add them through your platform’s friends system (Steam, Epic, PlayStation Network, etc). They will appear in your Dead by Daylight friends list.
  • Cross-platform: Open the in-game friends menu and select “Add Friend”. Input their Dead by Daylight username to send a friend request.

Accept any incoming friend requests. Your friends will now appear in your list.

Creating a Lobby with Friends

Once added, invite friends to your online lobby to play together:

  • Select “Survive With Friends” game mode on the main menu
  • Open a lobby and invite friends from your list
  • Friends accept invites and join the lobby
  • Select survivor characters and ready up

The matchmaking will look for a killer and start the trial.

Tip: You can chat with friends in the lobby while setting up.

Cross-platform Matchmaking

Dead by Daylight has full cross-platform support. This means you can play with friends even if they are on a different platform than you.

For example, you can have the following combinations in your lobby:

  • PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch
  • PC and mobile
  • PS4 and Xbox One

Cross-platform opens up more opportunities to play with your friends.

Useful Tips for Playing with Friends

Here are some tips to help you survive trials with friends:

  • Communicate objectives, killer location, strategy. Helps coordination.
  • Use voice chat if possible for faster real-time communication.
  • Set roles like leader, rescuer, looper to optimize teamwork.
  • Run perks that help the team like Prove Thyself, Kindred, We’ll Make It.
  • Share resources by healing each other, delivering items.
  • Distract killer together by coordinating stuns, body blocks.
  • Have an escape plan – which gates to open, where to regroup.

Avoiding Tunneling & Camping

When playing with friends, killers often tunnel (focus on hooking the same survivor repeatedly) or camp hooks to eliminate group teamwork advantages. Some ways to counter this:

  • Use Decisive Strike and Borrowed Time perks
  • Coordinate safe unhooks before killer returns
  • Punish patrolling by quickly finishing generators
  • Use flashlights, pallet stuns, and body blocks to facilitate rescues
  • Split up when injured to make tunneling harder

Working together with the above tips will give you the highest chance to escape and have fun playing with friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about playing Dead by Daylight with friends:

Can you play Dead by Daylight with friends in public matches?

No. The only way to play with friends is by using the “Survive With Friends” private custom game mode. Public matches will always have random player matchmaking.

Is voice chat supported when playing with friends?

Dead by Daylight does not have built-in voice chat. You will need to use third-party software like Discord to chat with your friends while playing.

Do I need PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play with friends?

You do not need a subscription to play private custom games with friends. However, subscriptions are required for public online matches.

Can I play Dead by Daylight cross-platform between mobile and PC?

Currently mobile versions do not support cross-platform play. You can only play mobile with other mobile players.

What happens if my friend disconnects?

The trial will proceed as normal against the killer. However, it will be harder to win with fewer survivors, especially if coordinating objectives.


Playing Dead by Daylight with friends completely changes the experience, heightening the horror but also the sense of camaraderie. Following the tips outlined regarding adding friends, creating lobbies, voice communication, and in-game strategy will help you prevail together against the killers. Teamwork is key to survival in Dead by Daylight. Stay coordinated and watch each other’s backs to make surviving with your friends an absolute blast.