How to Add and Link Your Gmail Account in Microsoft Outlook

Adding your Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook allows you to manage both accounts from one place, making email organization much easier. As someone who has used both Outlook and Gmail extensively, I highly recommend linking them.


Before connecting your Gmail account, there are a couple things you need to set up first:

Enable IMAP in Gmail

  • Go to Gmail settings
  • Click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”
  • Enable IMAP

This allows Outlook to access your Gmail account.

Enable 2-Step Verification

  • In Gmail settings, go to “Sign-in & security”
  • Enable 2-step verification
  • Generate an App Password for Outlook

This adds an extra layer of security when linking accounts.

Connecting Gmail to Outlook

With the prerequisites met, it’s simple to connect Gmail:


  1. Open Outlook and go to File > Add Account
  2. Enter your Gmail address and click Connect
  3. Enter your app password when prompted


  1. Open Outlook Preferences > Accounts
  2. Click + to add an account
  3. Enter Gmail address > Continue
  4. Enter app password when prompted

And you’re done! Your Gmail account will now sync to Outlook.

Using Gmail in Outlook

Once connected, your Gmail emails, contacts, and calendars will sync automatically. Anything you do in one account will reflect in the other. Here are some tips for using them seamlessly:

Create Folders

  • Mirror your folder structure between accounts
  • Helps keep things organized

Set Up Rules

  • Create rules in Outlook and filters in Gmail
  • Keeps your inbox clean and automated

Master Search

  • Search both accounts at once
  • Helps find emails easily

Send from Gmail Address

  • Choose which email to send from
  • Keep work and personal separate

Sync Contacts

  • Contacts will automatically sync both ways
  • No need to duplicate contacts lists

Share Calendars

  • View schedules side-by-side
  • Coordinate meetings easily

Why Add Gmail to Outlook?

There are many benefits to connecting your Gmail and Outlook accounts:

Increased Productivity

  • Manage multiple emails in one place
  • Saves you time switching accounts

Enhanced Organization

  • Apply structures across accounts
  • Minimizes email chaos

Improved Collaboration

  • Share calendars and contacts
  • Easier to coordinate with teammates

Added Security

  • 2-step verification protects accounts
  • Peace of mind from breaches

Works Offline

  • Outlook allows offline access
  • Gmail needs internet connection

Overall, linking Gmail and Outlook streamlines your inbox and makes handling email much simpler. I highly recommend taking the few minutes to set this up. It has saved me hours of frustration and kept me better organized. Let me know if you have any other questions!