How to Get Special Avatar Frames on Steam Profile

Steam profiles allow gamers to express their personality and connect with the gaming community. One way to customize your profile is by adding special avatar frames – decorative borders around your profile picture. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get avatar frames on Steam.

What are Avatar Frames

Avatar frames are cosmetic enhancements you can add to your Steam profile picture. They come in various visual themes, colors, and designs. When you apply a frame to your avatar, it appears as a border surrounding your profile picture.

Benefits of Avatar Frames:

  • Make your profile stand out
  • Show off your gaming taste and style
  • Some frames are animated with special effects
  • Indicate your participation in certain Steam events
  • Fun way to customize your identity

Where to Get Avatar Frames

1. Steam Points Shop

The easiest way to get avatar frames is through the Steam Points Shop.

  • Navigate to the Points Shop tab at the top of the Steam window
  • Go to the Profile section on the left sidebar
  • Click on Avatar > All Avatar Frames
  • Browse the available frames and purchase with Steam points

The Points Shop always has new frames, so check back often!

2. Steam Events and Challenges

Steam frequently runs special events and challenges that reward participants with profile items. This includes limited-edition avatar frames you can’t get anywhere else.

For example, during the annual Steam Summer Sale, users can earn frames and other customization rewards. Look out for these opportunities and participate to expand your frame collection!

3. Steam Community Marketplace

Users can list avatar frames for sale on the Steam Marketplace. Prices vary based on rarity and demand. This lets you obtain rare event frames even if you missed the original promotion.

To buy frames on the Marketplace:

  • Go to Community > Market
  • Search for “avatar frame”
  • Filter and browse listed frames
  • Purchase frames using Steam Wallet funds

4. Trading

You can trade avatar frames with other Steam users, similarly to trading Steam trading cards. This allows collectors to exchange duplicate frames.

To trade away frames:

  • Go to your Steam Inventory
  • Under Profile Items, locate your Avatar Frames
  • Select a frame and choose “Trade”
  • Enter the other user’s trade URL to send your frame

How to Equip an Avatar Frame

Once you acquire a frame, equip it to display on your profile:

  1. Go to your Steam profile
  2. Click “Edit Profile”
  3. Select “Avatar” in the left sidebar
  4. Locate “Your Avatar Frames”
  5. Choose your desired frame > Save

The frame will now surround your profile picture!

Tips for Awesome Avatar Frames

  • Match frames to your favorite games or gaming persona
  • Use animated frames for extra interest
  • Coordinate frame colors with your profile background
  • Rotate between different frames over time
  • Take part in Steam events to collect exclusive frames

Avatar frames let you showcase your style on Steam. Follow this guide to start building an awesome frame collection!


Customizing your Steam profile with avatar frames allows self-expression within the gaming community. By purchasing frames with Steam points, participating in Steam events, trading with other users, and coordinating frames with your profile theme, you can create a unique identity. Avatar frames are a fun way to demonstrate your gaming taste and make your Steam profile stand out.