How to Appeal and Overturn a Snapchat Account Ban or Suspension

Getting banned or suspended on Snapchat can be frustrating, especially if you feel it was unjust or if you stand to lose precious memories and connections. Fortunately, in many cases, you can successfully appeal a Snapchat ban and regain access to your account.

Reasons for Bans and Suspensions

There are a few key reasons why Snapchat may ban or suspend accounts:

  • Violating Community Guidelines – Sharing inappropriate, abusive, dangerous or illegal content can lead to bans. Things like nudity, bullying, violence, hate speech, harassment, and drug/weapon sales often result in suspensions.
  • Spamming – Sending lots of unsolicited snaps/messages or repeatedly adding strangers can appear like spam and get your account blocked.
  • Using Third-Party Apps – Apps and plugins like SaveMySnaps, Snapchat++, etc. violate Snapchat’s terms and may trigger bans.
  • Multiple Account Abuse – Having multiple accounts or transferring accounts between users is not allowed and can elicit suspensions.

Appealing Snapchat Account Bans

If your account gets banned or suspended by Snapchat, appealing the decision is likely your best shot at regaining access. Here is how to appeal Snapchat bans:

1. Determine If Your Account Is Appealable

  • Try logging into your Snapchat account. If an option pops up to appeal the suspension, your account is appealable.
  • If not, your account may be permanently banned with no appeal options.

2. Submit an Appeal

  • Click the “Appeal Decision” button and fill out the online appeal form honestly.
  • Explain in detail why your ban was unjustified and promise not to break Snapchat’s rules again if unbanned.

3. Provide Supporting Evidence

  • Submit any evidence you have that can help support your appeal case like screenshots, chat logs, etc.
  • Evidence makes your appeal appear more legitimate and compelling for Snapchat to review.

4. Wait for Snapchat’s Response

  • Snapchat support staff manually reviews all ban appeals and aims to get back to users quickly.
  • However, it may take up to a few weeks in some cases to get a response on your appeal status.
  • If approved, you’ll regain access to your account. If denied, you can try some other unbanning methods.

Other Ways to Overturn Bans

Appealing directly to Snapchat via the app is the main official unbanning method. However, if your appeal gets denied, there are a few other tricks that may work:

Use Different Device or Network

Since bans are often device or IP-specific, using new devices and internet connections can sometimes evade blocks. Create a new account on a new phone or network and lay low on activity at first.

Lodge Complaints on Consumer Sites

File formal complaints about unjust bans through consumer advocacy sites like Better Business Bureau or Ripoff Report. Enough complaints can pressure Snapchat to review banning policies.

Factory Reset Banned Device After Waiting

For device bans, factory resetting the phone after a few months may lift the device-level blocks once it’s wiped, allowing you to create a new account.

Submit Petitions and Start Hashtag Campaigns

Launch online petitions and viral hashtag campaigns to gather public support to condemn Snapchat bans. Widespread campaigns can force companies to respond and review policies.

While the above methods have worked for some, success is still not fully guaranteed. Avoid further rule-breaking, be polite in all communications with Snapchat, and don’t exploit any unbanning tricks excessively. With patience and some luck, you hopefully will regain access to your lost Snapchat account.