How to Change and Customize Crosshair Options in Valorant Game

Valorant is a popular tactical first-person shooter game that requires precise aiming and shooting skills to defeat opponents. The crosshair in Valorant serves as the aiming reticle and is a crucial component that influences a player’s accuracy.

As an avid Valorant player, having the right crosshair settings tailored to your preferences is vital for improving aim and gaining an edge over the competition. The default crosshair may not be ideal or comfortable for every player’s needs. Fortunately, Valorant provides extensive customization options to modify the crosshair design and settings.

Steps to Change Crosshair in Valorant

Follow these simple steps to change your crosshair as per your liking in Valorant:

  • Launch Valorant and click on the settings icon in the top-right corner to open the settings menu.
  • In the settings menu, select the Crosshair tab.
  • Here you can find various options to customize your crosshair:
  • Color – Change the color of crosshair from the dropdown
  • Outlines – Toggle on/off the outlines of the crosshair
  • Center Dot – Toggle on/off the center dot
  • Inner/Outer Lines – Customize length, thickness, opacity of inner and outer lines
  • Firing Error – Enable to account for firing inaccuracy
  • Movement Error – Enable to account for movement inaccuracy
  • Preview the changes in the top window to see how the crosshair will look in-game.
  • Once satisfied, click Apply to save the customized crosshair settings.

Tips for Choosing the Right Crosshair

  • Try basic crosshair designs first before highly complex ones. Start with dot, circle or classic cross.
  • Pick colors that stand out against map backgrounds. Bright cyan, green, pink work well.
  • Enable firing error to account for weapon spray patterns.
  • Minimal design with only required elements helps avoid distraction.
  • Take inspiration from pro players’ crosshair settings. Import their crosshair code.
  • Test crosshairs in practice mode before taking them into competitive matches.

Customizing Crosshair Like a Pro

As an amateur Valorant player trying to improve my shooting skills, I looked towards the crosshair settings used by pro players for guidance.

I imported the crosshair code of one of the top-ranked Valorant pros, TenZ, from Sentinels team. Here are TenZ’s crosshair settings:

Color: Cyan 

Outlines: Off  

Center Dot: Off

Inner Lines Opacity: 1

Inner Lines Length: 4 

Inner Lines Thickness: 2  

Inner Lines Offset: 2

Firing Error: Off

I tested this minimalist crosshair with only inner lines in practice mode and found it very effective for headshots. The cyan color stands out on all maps providing enhanced aiming visibility. After a few competitive matches, I could feel my reactions and aim getting better with TenZ’s pro crosshair.

So don’t hesitate to take inspiration from pro crosshair settings and customize options that suit your playstyle. With the right crosshair, you too can frag like a pro in Valorant!

How to Import Crosshair Codes

Valorant also allows you to directly import crosshair configuration codes from other players. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Crosshair tab in Settings
  • Click on the Import Profile Code button
  • Copy and paste the crosshair code of the player
  • Click on Import to apply the crosshair settings

You can find crosshair codes of popular Valorant streamers and pros online to import their crosshair directly. However, consistency is key – try to stick to one crosshair for best results.


  • Crosshair settings make a huge difference in Valorant and must be tailored to your preferences
  • Experiment with crosshair options like color, length, outlines to find one ideal for you
  • Enable firing error to account for weapon spray patterns
  • Import pro crosshair codes but don’t switch too often. Consistency matters.
  • Always test crosshairs in practice range before taking it to competitive

Customizing your crosshair properly will go a long way in enhancing your accuracy and performance in intense Valorant gunfights. So unlock your true potential by finding your perfect crosshair today!