How to Bind Jump Action to Mouse Wheel in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Jumping is an essential ability in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Some players prefer using the “Space key” to jump, but others use the “mouse wheel” to perform this action. Binding the mouse wheel to jump in CS:GO can make certain techniques like bunny hopping easier. This article explains how to set up this key bind.

Why Bind Jump to Mouse Wheel in CS:GO

There are a few key reasons why binding jump to the mouse wheel is beneficial:

  • Easier Bunny Hopping: Using the scroll wheel makes timing your jumps for bunny hops more consistent compared to pressing spacebar.
  • Avoid Accidents: With jump on mouse wheel, you won’t hit space accidentally during combat.
  • Free Up Spacebar: Binding jump to mouse wheel frees up the spacebar for other functions like voice chat.
  • Precise Movement: Mouse wheel helps with precise jump-peeking around corners and other agile maneuvers.

Overall, binding jump to mouse wheel gives more control and accuracy to your movement.

Methods to Bind Jump to Scroll Wheel

There are a couple of methods you can use to bind jump to scroll wheel:

Using CS:GO Game Settings

  1. Open CS:GO settings
  2. Go to the Keyboard/Mouse tab
  3. Find Jump in the Movement Keys section
  4. Click Jump, then scroll up/down to bind

Using CS:GO Console Commands

  1. Enable developer console in settings
  2. Press ` to open console
  3. Enter bind mwheelup +jump and/or bind mwheeldown +jump
  4. Also bind spacebar: bind space +jump

Note: You can combine the bind commands using semicolons:

bind mwheelup +jump;bind mwheeldown +jump;bind space +jump

The console method allows you to keep jump bound to spacebar as well.

Customizing Your Mouse Wheel Bind

There are a few variations you can try with binding jump to mouse wheel:

  • Bind only scroll up or down
  • Bind weapon switching to the other scroll direction
  • Bind jump to mouse wheel click/middle mouse button

Test what feels best for your playstyle.

Bunny Hopping with Scroll Wheel Bind

Binding jump to scroll wheel originated from making bunny hopping easier in CS:GO. To bunny hop:

  • Hold W to move forward
  • Jump with scroll at start of hop
  • Let go of W mid-air and hold A or D to air strafe
  • Scroll wheel to jump the moment you hit the ground
  • Repeat jumps, scrolling at precise timing

Practice makes perfect with bunny hopping. The scroll wheel bind helps immensely.

Reverting Custom Bind Changes

If you want to revert your custom CS:GO keybindings, enter this console command:

bind mwheelup invprev;bind mwheeldown invnext;bind space +jump

This reverts scroll wheel back to weapon switching and spacebar to jump.


Binding mouse wheel to jump in CS:GO is easy whether you use the settings menu or console commands. It helps bunny hop, move precisely, and avoid accidental jumps. Fine-tune your preference between scroll up, down or both directions. Master this key bind to boost your CS:GO skills.


Based on the additional sources provided, here is some relevant information to supplement the article:

The mouse wheel jump bind originated from the early Counter-Strike 1.6 days as an easier way to bunny hop compared to using the spacebar[2]. Over time, it became a popular technique adopted by high-level players for precise movement and jumping[3].

However, some players have noted inconsistencies with scroll wheel binds set through console commands in CS2, causing frustrating accidental jumps during crucial moments[17]. An advanced workaround uses alias scripts instead to ensure consistent jumping behavior[17].

There is also a risk of accidentally scrolling during combat, which can throw off your aim or cause you to switch weapons unintentionally[2]. Some players use advanced scripts to disable the mouse wheel temporarily when firing shots[2].

And while bunny hopping itself provides little speed benefit in CS2, scroll jumping remains useful for quicker direction changes, dodging shots, and jump peeking corners more easily than with spacebar alone[3].

In the end, it comes down to personal preference whichever method you choose. But generally, utilizing both spacebar and scroll jump together is advantageous so test what works best for your playstyle[3].

I’ve updated the article to incorporate some of these additional details around the nuances of mouse wheel binding and how it originated. Let me know if you need any other changes!