How to Block Irritating Pop-Up Advertisements on Android Devices

Pop-up ads can be extremely annoying when browsing the internet or using apps on your Android device. Thankfully, there are a few ways to block irritating pop-up ads on Android phones and tablets.

Use Built-In Browser Settings

Most major web browsers for Android like Chrome and Firefox have built-in settings to block pop-ups:

  • Chrome
    • Open Chrome and tap the 3-dot menu in the top right
    • Go to Settings > Site Settings > Pop-ups and Redirects
    • Toggle the switch off to block pop-ups
  • Firefox
    • Open Firefox and tap the 3-line menu button
    • Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Permissions > Block Pop-up Windows
    • Toggle Block Pop-up Windows on

These simple settings will prevent pop-ups from opening in your browser.

Use a Pop-Up Blocker App

There are many great ad blocking and pop-up blocker apps available for Android. Some top options include:

  • AdGuard – Blocks ads in browsers and apps without root access
  • Blokada – Open source ad blocker and tracker blocker
  • AdBlock Browser – Modified version of Firefox browser with built-in ad blocking

These apps create a local VPN connection to filter out advertising traffic across your device. Most offer free and paid versions depending on your needs.

Adjust App Permissions

Some apps may have permission to display pop-up ads over your home screen and other apps. You can disable this on a per-app basis:

  • Open Settings > Apps
  • Tap the app and select Permissions
  • Turn off Display over other apps

Be sure to check for any unknown or suspicious apps as well.

Use Private DNS

Using a private DNS server can block advertising and tracking domains.

  • Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced > Private DNS
  • Enter a private DNS provider like

This will filter ads and pop-ups on both browsers and apps.

Reset Advertising ID

Android allows apps to access an advertising ID tied to your device. Resetting this ID can help reduce targeted pop-up ads:

  • Open Settings > Google > Ads
  • Tap Reset advertising ID

This makes your device appear as a new user to ad networks.

Avoid Clicking on Pop-Ups

Be cautious about interacting with pop-up ads at all. Clicking risks malware infections or unintended purchases or subscriptions. Simply close or back out of any pop-ups you encounter.

Over time, Android ad networks will collect less data about your interests to target future pop-up ads.

Use Parental Control Apps

Special parental control apps like Qustodio and Norton Family Premier offer advanced ad blocking across all browsers and apps.

While designed to protect kids online, the ad blocking features can benefit adult users as well.

Factory Reset Device

As a last resort, performing a factory reset on your Android device will wipe its memory and advertising ID. This gives you a fresh start free from pop-up ads.

Just be sure to fully back up your device first!


Pop-up ads and malicious redirects can quickly ruin the browsing experience on mobile devices. Thankfully Android offers robust tools to block irritating pop-up ads, both system-wide and on individual apps.

Combining approaches like ad blocking apps, private DNS, resetting advertising ID, and being cautious about what you click results in the most effective defense against pop-up ad attacks.

With a few simple settings adjustments and downloads, you can make all your Android browsers and apps pop-up free. Just be prepared to constantly stay vigilant, as ad networks continue to evolve new ways to target mobile users.