How to Hatch and Obtain Frost Dragon Pet in Roblox Adopt Me Game

  • The Frost Dragon was available for a limited time during the 2019 Christmas event for 1,000 Robux. It is no longer available for direct purchase in the game ([1], [3], [11]).
  • The only way to get a Frost Dragon now is through trading with other players who already have one ([3], [11], [12]).

Tips for Trading for a Frost Dragon

  • The Frost Dragon is a legendary pet and one of the rarest in the game, so you will likely need to offer rare or high-value pets in exchange ([8], [11], [24]).
  • Good pets to offer include golden pets, other rare legendaries like griffins or unicorns, and mega neon pets ([24]).
  • Using a middleman service or taking safety precautions when trading very rare pets is recommended to prevent scams ([13], [16]).

Hatching Frost Dragons

  • The Frost Dragon pet cannot be hatched from eggs. It was only available directly through the one-time Robux purchase ([14]).
  • There are other frost-themed dragons in Adopt Me like the Frost Fury, but the Frost Dragon remains the rarest ([9]).

In summary, due to its limited availability and high value, trading carefully for a Frost Dragon from another trustworthy player is currently the only way to obtain this rare pet. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!