How To Change and Update The Stream Title Displayed on Your Twitch Channel

The title displayed on your Twitch channel is one of the most important elements for attracting new viewers. An appealing, descriptive title lets potential viewers know what your stream is about and convinces them to check it out.

As a Twitch streamer, you’ll want to change your title regularly to keep it fresh and relevant to what you’re currently streaming. Fortunately, Twitch makes it easy to update your title whether you’re on desktop or mobile.

Why Your Twitch Stream Title Matters

Your title is the first thing potential viewers see when browsing channels on Twitch. An eye-catching title piques their interest and gets them to click through to your stream.

However, if your title is dull, overly generic, or doesn’t describe what you’re actually streaming, you’ll miss out on attracting viewers even if you have great content.

Here are some of the benefits of using a good title for your Twitch stream:

  • Attracts more viewers – An appealing title that describes your content gets more clicks and views.
  • Sets viewer expectations – Lets viewers know what kind of content to expect when they tune in.
  • Helps viewers find your type of content – Using relevant keywords makes you easier to find.
  • Reflects changing stream content – Updating your title keeps it relevant as your streams change.

How To Change Your Twitch Stream Title

Twitch lets both streamers and channel moderators update stream titles easily. Here are the steps for changing your title on desktop and mobile:

Change Stream Title on Desktop

  1. Click your profile icon in the top right and select Creator Dashboard.
  2. Click Stream Manager on the left sidebar.
  3. Click Edit Stream Info on the right side of the screen.
  4. Update the text in the Title field and click Done to save changes.

Change Stream Title on Mobile

  1. Open the Twitch app and tap your profile icon.
  2. Select Stream Manager.
  3. Tap the pencil icon in the top right corner.
  4. Edit the text in the Title field and tap Done.

Moderators can also change the active stream’s title via the Mod View in chat.

Tips for an Effective Twitch Stream Title

Your title only has a limited number of visible characters, so make it count. Here are some tips:

Be Descriptive and Accurate

Summarize what the stream is about as clearly as possible. Using vague titles or misleading viewers will only hurt your channel.

Use Keywords

Include one or two relevant keywords so your stream appears in searches. But don’t overdo it or stuff too many keywords.

Keep it Short and Attention-Grabbing

You only have around 30-40 visible characters to work with. Use keywords at the beginning and catch interest with the rest.

Reflect Different Stream Content

If you switch games or activities, update your title so it matches what you’re actually streaming.

Have Fun and Get Creative

Inject your personality and find creative ways to highlight your best content. Change up your title regularly to keep it fresh.


As a Twitch streamer, putting some effort into crafting appealing titles will go a long way. Viewers have tons of channels to choose from, so an accurate, attention-grabbing title is crucial for getting clicks.

Fortunately, Twitch makes it simple to change your title whether you’re streaming from desktop or mobile. Take advantage of this to keep your title optimized as your content changes.

Use these tips to brainstorm title ideas that properly set viewer expectations and attract more eyes to your channel. A good title reflects your streaming personality and current content so viewers know your channel is worth watching.