How To Connect AirPods to Windows 11 Computers

Connecting AirPods to a Windows 11 computer is easy and allows you to use your AirPods seamlessly across devices. Whether you have the regular AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, you can pair them with your Windows 11 PC in just a few steps.


Before connecting your AirPods to your Windows 11 computer, make sure:

  • Your Windows 11 PC has Bluetooth capability. This is required for connecting wireless headphones.
  • Your AirPods are charged. Open the case and check if the status light indicates there is battery charge.
  • No other devices are actively connected to your AirPods. Make sure to disconnect them first.

Pairing AirPods with Windows 11

Follow these simple steps to connect your AirPods to a Windows 11 computer:

1. Turn On Bluetooth

On Windows 11:

  • Open Settings and go to Bluetooth & Devices
  • Turn on the Bluetooth toggle switch if Bluetooth is disabled

2. Put AirPods in Pairing Mode

On AirPods:

  • Open the AirPods case with AirPods inside
  • Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case
  • Wait for the status light to flash white rapidly

This means your AirPods are now discoverable to other Bluetooth devices.

3. Select AirPods to Connect

On Windows 11:

  • Go to Add Device > Bluetooth in Settings
  • Select your AirPods from the list of discovered devices
  • Click Connect when prompted

Wait for few seconds as your AirPods pair and connect with your Windows 11 PC.

4. Manage Connected AirPods

In Bluetooth Settings:

  • You can check connectivity status
  • Select output device for audio
  • Disconnect AirPods when needed

And you are all set! Your AirPods now work wirelessly with your Windows 11 computer.

Tips for Using AirPods with Windows 11

Here are some handy tips when using AirPods with your Windows 11 PC:

  • Set as default audio output device – For seamless audio playback without having to manually select output
  • Update firmware – Connect AirPods to an iOS device to automatically get latest firmware
  • Check compatibility – For advanced features like spatial audio
  • Troubleshoot issues – Like no audio, dropouts, lags etc using Windows diagnostics
  • Conserve battery – By keeping AirPods in the case when not in use

Fixing Common AirPods Connection Issues

Sometimes your AirPods may not connect properly with Windows 11 or you might face other issues. Here are some potential solutions:

AirPods Not Connecting

  • Restart your PC and AirPods
  • Re-pair your AirPods with Windows 11
  • Check if AirPods are charged and Bluetooth is enabled

Connected But No Sound

  • Set AirPods as Default Device in Sound Settings
  • Disable Exclusive Mode for other audio devices
  • Update Audio Drivers to latest version

Sound Quality Issues

  • Disable Handsfree Telephony option in Sound settings
  • Connect using a Bluetooth 5.0 adapter for best performance
  • Adjust Equalizer settings for your AirPods

Audio Lag/Stutter

  • Minimize active Bluetooth connections
  • Change Audio Quality to Best Available in Advanced Sound Options
  • Try different Bluetooth USB adapter if issue persists

So those were some tips to connect your AirPods with Windows 11 computers. Pairing is quick and seamless. Do keep your Windows 11 PC and AirPods updated to latest firmware versions for best compatibility. Let me know if you have any other queries!