How To Fix Viber Error 1114: Solutions for Seamless Communication

Viber error 1114 typically occurs when there is a failure in initializing the dynamic link library (DLL) required to run Viber. This prevents the app from launching properly. However, there are several potential solutions to resolve this error and get Viber working again.

Understanding Error 1114

The main causes of Viber error 1114 include:

  • Misconfigured graphics or power settings preventing the DLL from initializing
  • Missing or corrupted DLL files
  • Outdated graphics drivers
  • Conflicts with other apps using the graphics card

The error often pops up when trying to launch Viber or immediately after, along with a message like “LoadLibrary failed with error 1114” or “A dynamic link library initialization routine failed”.

On laptops, the error is frequently related to switchable graphics cards that toggle between integrated and dedicated GPUs. Forcing power savings can disrupt the graphics switching and cause issues.

Fixing Viber Error 1114

Here are the top recommended solutions for resolving error 1114 in Viber:

1. Modify Graphics and Power Settings

On laptops, ensure switchable dynamic graphics are set to “High Performance” in both battery and plugged in modes within Power Options. This prevents power savings from interfering.

For desktops, maximize performance for the graphics card globally. Reboot after applying new settings.

2. Update Graphics Drivers

Outdated GPU drivers can trigger error 1114. Go to the manufacturer’s website and install the latest display drivers. Restart once installed.

3. Run Viber as Administrator

Right-click the Viber desktop shortcut, select Properties > Compatibility, and check “Run this program as an administrator”. Try launching Viber again.

4. Reinstall Viber

If the above steps fail, uninstalling and reinstalling Viber can resolve underlying corruption issues. Download the latest installer from the Viber website.

5. Perform Windows Repairs

Run SFC and DISM scans to check for corruption in system files. If problems are found, Windows will automatically repair the files.

Preventing Future Error 1114 Issues

To avoid further error 1114 problems in Viber, follow these tips:

  • Keep graphics drivers updated, especially for major Windows updates
  • Don’t force power saving graphics settings unnecessarily
  • Periodically scan for system file corruption using SFC and DISM
  • Avoid installing unstable beta graphics drivers
  • Disable Fast Startup to prevent driver issues after improper shutdowns

By understanding the causes and applying the right solutions, Viber error 1114 can be permanently resolved. Adjusting graphics configurations is key, but reinstalling Viber or scanning for Windows corruption may also be required. Following the prevention tips will help avoid this error returning in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Viber error 1114 happen more often on laptops?

A: Laptops frequently have switchable graphics cards that can be disrupted by power settings, causing DLL initialization errors like 1114. The integrated and dedicated graphics drivers can conflict.

Q: Can outdated Windows cause Viber error 1114?

A: Yes, having an outdated Windows version can lead to DLL conflicts and missing system files that trigger error 1114. Always keep Windows fully updated.

Q: Does reinstalling Viber completely fix error 1114?

A: In most cases, yes. Reinstalling eliminates any application corruption that could be preventing DLLs from loading properly on launch. Make sure to reboot after reinstalling Viber.

Q: If graphics driver updates don’t resolve error 1114, what should I try?

A: If display driver updates fail, try running SFC and DISM scans to check for lower-level Windows corruption, or do a repair install of Windows to refresh the operating system.