How to Craft and Utilize Magic Incantations in Elden Ring Game

There are several ways to obtain incantations in Elden Ring:

  • Find them in the open world as loot. Many incantations can be found as pickups scattered across the Lands Between.
  • Purchase them from merchants and trainers. Key NPCs that sell incantations include Brother Corhyn, Miriel, and more.
  • Complete certain quests and boss fights. Defeating demigods and turning in prayerbooks can reward you with new incantations.

Requirements for Using Incantations

To be able to use incantations, you need:

  • High enough Faith stat. Each incantation has a minimum Faith requirement that must be met.
  • A Sacred Seal equipped. Sacred Seals work similarly to staves for sorceries. They are the catalyst that enables incantation casting.
  • Required memory slots. You need to allocate memory slots at a Site of Grace to equip your desired incantations for use.

Some of the best starter Sacred Seals include the Clawmark Seal and Finger Seal.

Casting Incantations in Battle

Once you meet the requirements, casting incantations works much like other combat abilities:

  • Have your Sacred Seal equipped in either hand.
  • Press the corresponding button to cast the incantation. This uses FP.
  • Manage your FP consumption with Cerulean Flasks if needed.
  • Use the Memory slots to swap between different equipped incantations.

Strong PvE Incantations

Some recommended high damage PvE incantations include:

  • Lightning Spear and Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear
  • Flame of the Fell God
  • Swarm of Flies
  • Stone of Gurranq
  • Elden Stars
  • Frenzy Burst spells

I hope this guide gives you a good overview on obtaining and using incantations effectively in Elden Ring! Let me know if you have any other questions.