How to Customize and Organize Channels Guide List on Pluto TV App

Unfortunately, Pluto TV does not allow directly editing or reordering channels. However, it does have some features to help customize your experience:

  • Favorites – You can mark channels as favorites by clicking the heart icon while watching live TV. Favorited channels will appear at the top of your channel guide for easy access. This feature is available on most devices except some smart TVs[5].
  • Watchlists – You can add shows and movies to a watchlist from the on-demand section. Your watchlist is then available in the “My Pluto” section[25].
  • Hide Channels – On some devices like Apple TV and Android TV, you can hide channels you don’t want to see. This is done by clicking the open eye icon next to channels in the settings[20].

Accessing Channel Guide

To see Pluto TV’s channel guide showing all available channels:

  • On mobile devices, tap the “Guide” tab at the bottom
  • On streaming devices and smart TVs, press the Guide or Live TV button on your remote
  • An on-screen guide will appear with channels organized into sections like Entertainment, Movies, Sports, etc[6].

Customizing Experience on Different Devices

Since Pluto TV’s features vary across devices, here are some tips for popular platforms[4][5][14][15]:

Roku – Supports favorites which appear at the top of your channel guide.

Android TV – Can hide channels from the guide. Favorites also supported.

Apple TV – Can hide channels and supports favorites. One of the most customizable experiences.

Fire TV – Limited customization. Can’t hide channels or favorites.

Smart TVs – Customization options vary greatly depending on TV model. Some allow favorites while many have no customization.

So in summary, while Pluto TV lacks robust channel organization compared to paid streaming services, it does have some helpful customization features on select devices. Favoriting channels or hiding unwanted ones can help tailor the experience to your interests. Checking what features your device supports is key to getting the most out of Pluto TV.