How to Delete Bookmarks on a Chromebook

How to Delete Bookmarks on a Chromebook - How to Delete Bookmarks on a Chromebook 3

Bookmarks are incredibly useful for saving and organizing sites you visit frequently on your Chromebook. However, over time, your bookmarks can become cluttered with sites you no longer need quick access to. Deleting unwanted bookmarks helps keep your browser organized for a smooth browsing experience.

On a Chromebook, your bookmarks are connected to your Google account rather than the device itself. This means any changes you make will apply across all devices where you’re signed into your Google account.

What are Bookmarks?

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Bookmarks allow you to save websites for quick access later. Instead of typing out a long, complex URL each time, you can access bookmarked sites from the bookmarks bar or manager.

Some key features of Chromebook bookmarks:

  • Accessible from any device when signed into your Google account
  • Organized on the bookmarks bar and within the bookmarks manager
  • Can be given custom names and sorted into folders
  • Synchronized across devices connected to your account

Keeping your bookmarks bar uncluttered improves navigation. Trimming down unnecessary bookmarks helps you better find the sites you need.

How to Add Bookmarks on a Chromebook

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Before learning deletion, it helps to understand how to add bookmarks in the first place.

To bookmark the current page:

  1. Click the star icon next to the address bar. This is to the right of the “Share” button.
  2. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D.

This adds the bookmark to your bookmarks bar for one-click access later.

How to Delete Bookmarks on a Chromebook

When you no longer need a bookmark, deleting it keeps your browser organized. There are a few ways to delete bookmarks from your Chromebook:

Delete from the Bookmarks Bar

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The bookmarks bar provides quick access to your most-used sites. To delete from here:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + B to open your bookmarks bar if it isn’t already displayed.
  2. Right-click the bookmark you want to delete.
  3. Select “Delete” from the menu.

The bookmark will vanish instantly. Note: Unlike on some browsers, deleted bookmarks cannot be recovered on Chrome.

Delete from the Bookmarks Manager

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For more control, open your full bookmarks manager:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + O to open the manager.
  2. Select the bookmarks you want to remove by checking the boxes.
  3. Right-click and choose “Delete.”

You can also delete entire custom folders here, removing all bookmarks inside.

Delete All Bookmarks

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To wipe your Chromebook’s bookmarks completely:

  1. Open the bookmarks manager with Ctrl + Shift + O.
  2. Press Ctrl + A to select all bookmarks.
  3. Click the “Delete” button on the top right corner.

This removes every bookmark on your device and connected accounts. Be certain before using this nuclear option.

Exporting and Importing Bookmarks

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Backing up your bookmarks provides a safety net before making major changes.

To export bookmarks:

  1. Open the bookmarks manager (Ctrl + Shift + O).
  2. Click “Organize” and select “Export bookmarks”.
  3. Choose where to save the .html file like your Downloads folder.

To later import bookmarks:

  1. Open the bookmarks manager (Ctrl + Shift + O).
  2. Click “Organize” and choose “Import bookmarks”
  3. Navigate to and select your previously exported .html file.

This adds all the bookmarks in one batch.


By learning how to add, delete, and organize bookmarks, you can maintain a clean and efficient workspace, ensuring that your most important sites are always just a click away.

Remember, any changes you make to your bookmarks are synced across all devices connected to your Google account, providing a seamless browsing experience no matter where you are. So, don’t let an overcrowded bookmarks bar slow you down.


What is the easiest way to clean up bookmarks in Chrome?

To clean up bookmarks in Chrome, you can use the built-in bookmark manager. Open Chrome, click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner, select ‘Bookmarks’, then ‘Bookmark manager’. From there, you can select and delete any bookmarks you no longer need

How do I delete a bookmark that won’t delete in Chrome?

If a bookmark in Chrome refuses to delete, it could be due to Chrome Sync re-uploading them or third-party bookmark extensions interfering. To fix this, you can reset Chrome Sync or disable any bookmark extensions.

If these steps don’t work, resetting Google Chrome to its default state might help.

How do you right-click on a Chromebook?

Right-clicking on a Chromebook is a bit different than on other devices. You can either tap the touchpad with two fingers or press and hold the “Alt” key on the keyboard and tap the touchpad with one finger. Both methods will open the right-click menu.