How to Download and Install Discord Chat App on Xbox One Consoles

Discord is a popular chat app that allows users to create servers and channels to communicate with friends and communities. With Discord, you can voice chat, video chat, and text chat across platforms.

While Discord does not have an official app for Xbox One consoles, there are a couple of methods you can use to access Discord on your Xbox One.

Using the Discord Mobile App

The easiest way to use Discord on your Xbox One is by installing the Discord mobile app on your phone or tablet:

  1. Download and install the Discord mobile app on your iOS or Android device
  2. Log into your Discord account within the mobile app
  3. Join any Discord servers and channels you want to access on your Xbox
  4. Connect your phone or tablet to the same WiFi network as your Xbox One console
  5. Enable the Second Screen option in the Discord mobile app settings
  6. Open Discord on your phone/tablet while playing games on your Xbox One console

With Second Screen enabled on the Discord mobile app, you’ll be able to see your active Discord servers and channels overlaid on top of your Xbox One game. This allows you to seamlessly chat on Discord while gaming on your console.

The only limitation with this method is that you can’t use Discord voice chat since Xbox One doesn’t support wireless headset connections to phones or tablets. But you’ll be able to text chat, exchange images/video, and screen share through the Discord mobile app while playing on your console.

Using the Discord Web App

Another way to access Discord on your Xbox One is by using the Discord web app within the Microsoft Edge browser:

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge app on your Xbox One console
  2. Navigate to and log into your Discord account
  3. Join any servers and channels you want to access within the web app
  4. Use the Xbox controller to navigate the Discord web interface
  5. Snap the Discord web app to the side of your screen while gaming

The Discord web app allows you to access all of Discord’s core chat features on your Xbox One through the console’s internet browser. And since it runs independently from your game, you can position the Discord snap window anywhere on your screen.

However, the web app interface isn’t optimized for TV screens or controllers. So navigating servers/channels and typing messages can be a bit cumbersome compared to the mobile app. But overall it still works relatively well.

An advantage of using the web app is that you can use wireless Xbox headsets to voice chat on Discord while playing games simultaneously. So if you want full voice integration with Discord on Xbox One, the web app is currently the best solution.

Tips for Using Discord on Xbox One

Here are some handy tips when using Discord on your Xbox One console:

  • Use your phone to type longer messages on Discord instead of using the Xbox controller
  • Connect a wired USB keyboard to your Xbox One to make typing messages easier
  • Adjust the Discord text size in settings if the font appears too small on your TV
  • Use Discord light/dark themes based on your gaming environment to reduce eye strain
  • Join Xbox-related Discord servers to easily find people to play with
  • Disable Discord notifications if they become distracting during games
  • If using the web app, set Discord to invisible status to avoid unnecessary pings

The Future of Discord on Xbox

While the current Discord integration on Xbox One has some limitations, the future looks bright. Microsoft announced plans to bring full Discord support to Xbox consoles in 2023.

This will include an official Discord Xbox app with native OS integration. Features like push-to-talk voice chat, friend synchronization, and direct messaging between Discord and Xbox are also planned.

So while using Discord on Xbox One today involves small workarounds, soon you’ll be able to fully unleash Discord’s chat powers on your Xbox console.


Even without native integration, Xbox One owners can still enjoy Discord’s versatile chat features while gaming on console. Both the mobile and web apps provide usable solutions for text and voice chatting simultaneously with your games.

As Microsoft folds Discord deeper into the Xbox ecosystem, the functionality gap will close even further. But in the meantime, every Xbox gamer should download Discord and explore how it can enhance their social gaming experience right now.