iPhone X – How to Block Unwanted Text Messages From Specific Numbers

Being bombarded with unwanted text messages can be annoying and distracting. Thankfully, the iPhone X makes it easy to block texts from specific numbers so you no longer receive their messages.

Why Block Unwanted Texts?

Here are some key reasons you may want to block texts:

  • Avoid spam messages from unknown numbers
  • Stop harassment or bullying from certain contacts
  • Prevent exes or former friends from messaging you
  • Reduce distractions from group message threads

Blocking texts can give you more control over your inbox and notifications.

Steps to Block Messages

Follow these simple steps to block texts on your iPhone X:

1. Open the Message You Want to Block

  • Launch the Messages app
  • Tap on the conversation with the number or contact you want to block

2. Select the Contact Info

  • Tap on the name or number at the top of the message thread
  • Then tap on the Info button (a small “i” icon)

3. Choose Block Contact

  • Tap on the right arrow next to the name/number
  • Select Block this Caller at the bottom

4. Confirm the Block

  • A popup will ask you to confirm
  • Tap Block Contact again to complete the block

Once blocked, that number or contact will no longer be able to text you.

Note: The blocked person can still send texts from their end, but you won’t receive any of their messages going forward.

Unblocking Contacts

If you change your mind later, you can easily unblock a number:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to Messages > Blocked Contacts
  • Swipe left on the contact and tap Unblock

This will allow their messages to come through again.

Filtering Unknown Senders

In addition to blocking specific numbers, you can filter out texts from all unknown senders:

  • Go to Settings > Messages
  • Turn on Filter Unknown Senders

This automatically filters texts from numbers not in your contacts into a separate list. You won’t be notified about these messages.

Reporting Spam Texts

When you get an obvious spam message:

  • Tap on the warning icon next to the number
  • Choose Report Junk to notify Apple

Reporting spam texts helps Apple and carriers identify and block illegal spam operations.

Third-Party Blocking Apps

For even more blocking options, consider a third-party app like Truecaller or RoboKiller. These apps maintain databases of known spammers and telemarketers to automatically block calls and texts.

Keep Your Inbox Clean

Following these tips will ensure you only receive messages from people you know. Block unwanted texts on your iPhone X to take control of bothersome conversations. Let us know if you have any other questions!