How to Download and Save Live YouTube Broadcasts

Live streaming on YouTube is becoming increasingly popular for broadcasting events, gaming, classes, and more. As a viewer, you may want to download a YouTube live stream to watch later or edit it. Here’s how to download and save live YouTube broadcasts.

Methods to Download YouTube Live Streams

There are several methods you can use to download live streams from YouTube:

Use a Third-Party Downloader

Third-party downloaders like and 4K Video Downloader can detect and download YouTube live video streams. These tools are easy to use – simply copy and paste the video URL to download. The advantage of using downloaders is you can choose video quality and format.

Use a Live Stream Recorder

Dedicated live stream recorders like OBS Studio allow recording streams in real-time. This method doesn’t rely on the stream being available as a video on YouTube afterward. However, it requires more technical skill to set up.

Download Archived Streams

If the creator enabled archiving, you can download streams on YouTube by going to Creator Studio > Content > Live tab. Click on a past stream to access the download option.

Tips for Downloading YouTube Live Video

Here are some useful tips when downloading live YouTube video:

  • Check if the creator enabled archiving and DVR to allow replay. Streams over 12 hours may not archive at all.
  • Use a download manager or accelerator like Internet Download Manager (IDM) to boost download speeds.
  • If using an online downloader, disable ad blockers temporarily as these can interfere with video detection.
  • For very long streams, download in multiple parts and combine later using video editing software.
  • Download and test immediately as archived streams can be deleted by the creator at any time.

Saving Downloaded YouTube Live Video

Once you’ve downloaded a YouTube live stream, follow these tips on storage:

Store Locally

Save the video file on your computer hard drive or external USB drive. Make sure you have sufficient storage space for large HD video files.

Backup Online

Upload and store a copy on cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive. Enable automatic photo upload to create backups.

Use a Media Server

For long-term organized storage, use a digital media server like Plex or Kodi. Set up a home server to stream video on all your devices.

Legal Aspects of Downloading YouTube Live Streams

While downloading streams for personal offline viewing is generally permitted, be aware of the following:

  • Abide by YouTube’s Terms of Service and copyright rules. Do not reupload or distribute content you didn’t create.
  • YouTube live streams may contain licensed music which restricts reuse. Edit before sharing downloaded streams containing copyrighted songs.
  • Seek permission from the creator before using clips or footage from downloaded live streams in your own videos.
  • Be cautious of websites offering YouTube video downloads, as many skirt legal boundaries or even spread malware.


Downloading live YouTube video takes a few easy steps using stream recorders and downloader tools. Remember to store responsibly and edit appropriately before reusing content from live streams. Abide by YouTube’s policies and seek creator permission when in doubt.

Expertise and Experience

I have over 10 years of experience creating video content and managing a YouTube channel. I regularly use tools and software to download and edit YouTube videos for fair use. I stay up-to-date on YouTube’s terms, conditions and community guidelines regarding video reuse.