How to Farm Mora Currency in Genshin Impact

Mora is the most essential currency in Genshin Impact. You need Mora for leveling up characters, weapons, talents, artifacts, crafting, and more. However, Mora can be hard to come by, especially at higher Adventure Ranks when costs scale up dramatically. This guide will provide tips from my experience on the best ways to farm Mora efficiently.

Do Daily Commissions

Completing the 4 daily commissions is the most consistent way to get 29,400 Mora per day. After finishing the commissions, talk to Katheryn at the Adventurer’s Guild to get an additional 9,600 Mora. That’s 39,000 free Mora each day just from commissions. Make sure to do them daily.

Use Expeditions

You can earn thousands of Mora from expeditions without spending any resin. Prioritize dispatching characters like Bennett, Sara, Fischl, Chongyun, and Keqing, who offer 25,000 Mora for 20-hour expeditions. Over a week, you can net 210,000 Mora completely passively this way.

Open Treasure Chests

Opening chests scattered across the overworld is a reliable way to gain extra Mora over time. Luxurious and Precious chests give the most at around 10,000 Mora each. Mark chest locations on your map and open them as you explore.

Trade Sigils

You can exchange Anemo and Geo sigils earned from Statues of the Seven and quests for Mora. Speak to Glory in Mondstadt and Xingxi in Liyue Harbor to trade sigils. You can buy over 500,000 Mora per region this way.

Defeat Elite Enemies

Farming elite enemies like Ruin Guards, Fatui Agents, and Mitachurls nets good Mora. They respawn daily and drop artifact fodder to sell as well. Focus on high level areas like Liyue’s Golden House and Guyun Stone Forest.

Clear Domains and Ley Lines

Ley Line Outcrops and artifact/weapon domains give Mora as rewards. While the amounts are small, they add up over time. Prioritize Blossoms of Wealth ley lines when spending original resin for the most Mora.

Sell Artifacts

Destroying 3, 4, and 5-star artifacts gives Mora in return. Only sell artifacts you don’t need for strong builds. This nets thousands of Mora over time from bad artifact drops and provides inventory space.

Buy From Teapot Realm Depot

Using Realm Currency from the Serenitea Pot to buy Mora from the Realm Depot is extremely efficient. You can purchase 200,000 Mora per week this way very easily.

Complete Events and Quests

Many limited-time events and quests reward Mora, especially new region and Archon quests. Always check event shops as well, since they usually offer Mora for event currencies.

Redeem from the Battle Pass

The paid Gnostic Hymn battle pass offers lots of Mora. You automatically gain over 700,000 Mora from battle pass level-ups alone, not counting Mora from mission rewards.

Buy From Paimon’s Bargains

The Stardust Exchange in Paimon’s Bargains lets you directly purchase Mora for Stardust obtained from wishing. You can buy 300,000 Mora per month this way.

Open the 200K Mora Chest

There is a precious chest in the Liyue harbor bank that gives 200,000 Mora! Unlock it by completing the Archon quests to access the harbor bank and climb to the top floor.

By combining these methods, you can farm over 1.4 million Mora per week without spending any resin. Focus on passive income sources like commissions, expeditions, and quests to build up a steady income over time. With enough Mora investment into your characters and weapons, you’ll be clearing the toughest content in no time. Let me know if you have any other good Mora farming tips!