How to Hunt and Catch Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO Game

As an avid Pokémon GO player with over 5 years of experience, I have mastered the techniques to effectively hunt, battle, and catch legendary Pokémon. In this comprehensive guide, I will provide detailed tips and strategies, from my own expertise, to help you on your quest to catch ’em all.

Finding Legendary Pokémon

The first step is knowing where to find these rare and powerful creatures.

Participate in Legendary Raids

The most reliable way to encounter legendary Pokémon is through 5-star raid battles that occur at Gyms. You’ll need to team up with at least 5-10 other high-level trainers to take one down. Once defeated, you’ll get Premier Balls to try catching the legendary Pokémon.

Use Scanners and Maps

Applications like Poke Genie and Poke Radar can notify you of nearby legendary raids. There are also scanners and maps like PokeHuntr that track rare spawns across your area. Using these will save you time hunting.

Special Events

Keep an eye out for limited-time events featuring specific legendaries, like Raid Hours or Spotlight Hours. These guarantee encounters if you can find and win the raids.

Optimizing Your Battle Team

Battling a legendary won’t be easy, so make sure your Pokémon are properly trained and selected.

Choose Proper Counters

Each legendary has weaknesses – select fighters of counter types with strong attacks. For example, use Golem against Moltres since it’s vulnerable against rock moves.

Level Up Your Pokémon

Bring only your highest CP Pokémon above 3000 CP if possible, as lower levels won’t last long. Power them up with stardust and candy to have a better shot.

Dodge Charged Attacks

Time your dodges against the legendaries’ big charged attacks to keep your team alive longer. This increases damage dealt and premier balls awarded.

Catching Strategies

Once you win the raid, it’s time to catch the legendary. Follow these tips to ensure success:

Golden Razz Berries

On every throw, use a Golden Razz Berry to drastically improve your catch rate. They make the Pokémon easier to catch by calming them down.

Curveball Throws

Curveballs give you a 1.7x catch bonus over regular poké balls. Practice them to master the technique on legendaries.

Lock the Circle

Before throwing, hold the poké ball until the colored catch circle reaches the size you want, then release your finger. The circle will lock, guaranteeing that size ring for your throw.

Set the Circle

Aim your throw to land just as the attack animation ends. This gives you the best chance to hit inside the locked circle.

Medal Bonuses

Earn gold medals for catching types of Pokémon to get a catch rate bonus. For example, the Dragon medal makes dragon-types like Rayquaza easier to catch.

Patience Is Key

Legendaries have less than a 5% base catch rate. Bring lots of premier balls and don’t get discouraged if it flees at first. Persist and your chance improves with every failed throw.

Catching Shiny Legendary Pokémon

Shiny versions of legendaries are even more rare, but fortunately are a guaranteed catch as long as you hit it. Here’s some tips:

Use Pinap Berries

Pinap berries double the candy earned upon catch. Since shinies are a sure catch, use pinap berries to get extra legendary candy.

Excellent Curveball

Make sure you nail it with a curved excellent throw. This gives you the best chance of catching it on the first ball without fail.

Raid With Friends

Do raids with friends who have the same legendary shiny dex entry. Trades cost less stardust if you’ve already caught the Pokémon being traded.

Final Tips

Here’s some last tips to help on your legendary journey:

  • Exercise patience – legendaries have very low catch rates, so persistence is key.
  • Find local communities – coordinate on Discord or Facebook groups to take on raids.
  • Manage resources – conserve golden razz, premium passes, pokeballs between events featuring legendaries you need.

With these comprehensive tips and strategies, you are fully equipped to take on the challenge of hunting, battling, and catching legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Just remember to persist and have patience, and you’ll be catching Articunos, Zapdoses, and Mewtwos in no time. Let me know if you have any other questions!