How to Fly a Glider in PUBG: Mastering Glider Flight for Advantages

The glider is a unique vehicle introduced in PUBG that allows players to take to the skies and traverse the map rapidly. Mastering glider flight takes practice, but provides many tactical advantages. Here is a comprehensive guide on flying gliders effectively in PUBG.

Overview of the Glider

  • The glider is a two-seater aircraft that spawns randomly around Erangel and Miramar maps, with 10 gliders available per match[1].
  • It has a top speed of 70 km/h and must reach 65 km/h to take off. Throttle control and pitching up with the S key enables liftoff[2].
  • The glider consumes fuel rapidly, especially at full throttle. Carrying extra fuel is advised[3].
  • Players can attack enemies from the air, but the glider offers no protection from gunfire.

How to Fly the Glider

Basic Controls:

  • W/S keys: Control pitch (nose up/down)
  • A/D keys: Control roll (banking side-to-side)
  • Left Shift/Left Ctrl: Adjust throttle
  • Spacebar: Engage handbrake when landed[1]


  • Reach 65+ km/h speed using throttle. Pitch up with S key to lift off.


  • Cut throttle to descend. Engage handbrake with spacebar to brake before impact.

In-Flight Maneuvers:

  • Bank gently using A/D keys to steer left/right
  • Pitching up/down with W/S keys gains/loses altitude
  • Adjusting throttle affects airspeed/fuel consumption

Tactical Advantages of the Glider

Using the glider effectively provides strategic benefits:

  • Fast Long-Distance Travel: The glider can traverse the map rapidly in a straight line without obstacles[1].
  • Scouting: Players can scout distant areas and spot enemies from an aerial view.
  • Attacking: Rain projectiles and gunfire down on foes below while being a hard target to hit[13].
  • Escape and Evasion: Flee dangerous situations quickly or access areas unreachable on foot.

Tips for Mastering Glider Flight

Follow these tips to master glider flight:

  • Learn takeoff and landing techniques in training mode before attempting in matches.
  • Bind pitch/roll controls to keys that enable smooth adjustments during flight.
  • Carry extra fuel and refuel often─flying at full throttle drains fuel rapidly[3].
  • Fly at higher altitudes to make yourself harder to hit, but beware of engine power loss at very high altitudes[10].
  • Use free look while your teammate drives to scout and call out enemies below.
  • Fly straight paths between objectives; gliders lack maneuverability at low speeds so avoid aerial dogfights[1].
  • Consider your destination and flight path carefully─the glider lacks versatility so you are committed once airborne.
  • Equip a long-range scope to snipe enemies from the air while your partner drives.
  • Don’t linger too long in the glider if drawing enemy fire─it offers no protection so retreat if targeted.


The glider provides speed and aerial attack capabilities beyond other vehicles. Mastering takeoff, landing, and in-flight controls takes practice. With skill, players can effectively move about the battlefield, strike enemies, and evade threats by air. Utilize these tips to perfect glider flight and gain an edge over less mobile opponents in PUBG matches.