How to Apply and Get Accepted to a Clan Gang in WarFrame Game

What are Clans in WarFrame?

Clans in WarFrame are player-created communities that allow members to collaborate and enjoy the game together. Clans have their own Dojo (clan hall) where members can meet, trade, and access special research and gear.

Some key benefits of joining a clan include:

  • Exclusive Research: Clans can research weapons, Warframes, and other gear that is otherwise unattainable. This is a major incentive to join one.
  • Trading Hub: A clan Dojo provides access to trading stations/hubs to easily buy, sell, and trade with other players.
  • Alliance Opportunities: Clans can form alliances with each other for mutual benefit.
  • Companionship: Having a community of players to play with regularly can enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Clan

When searching for a clan to join, keep the following factors in mind:


Clans come in different tiers based on total member size:

  • Ghost (10 members)
  • Shadow (30 members)
  • Storm (100 members)
  • Mountain (300 members)
  • Moon (1000 members)

Bigger clans have access to more advanced research, but may feel less tight-knit.


Look for an aligned culture via clan recruiting posts or chatting with members. Some value competitiveness, while others prioritize casual play or helping new players.

Contribution Requirements

Some clans require activity/contribution minimums. Larger clans tend to be more hardcore and demand higher participation.

Communication Platform

Many clans coordinate via external platforms like Discord. Choose one that aligns with your preferences.

How to Find and Apply for a Clan

In-Game Recruiting

Browse clan recruiting chat channels to find clans actively looking for new members. Clans will list requirements and instructions to apply.

WarFrame Forums

Check clan recruitment posts in the official WarFrame Forums to find clans and compare offerings.

External Sites

Websites like Reddit have clan recruiting subreddits to browse listings and contact them directly.

Once you find a suitable clan, follow their application instructions. This usually entails:

  • Commenting with your in-game name on their recruiting post
  • Getting invited and accepting the invite
  • Constructing a Clan Key in your Foundry to access their Dojo

What to Expect When Joining a New Clan

Here’s what typically happens after you accept a clan invite:

  • Get welcomed and introduced to members
  • Tour the Dojo rooms and capabilities
  • Review the clan policies and hierarchy
  • Set up the communication platforms (if any)
  • Ask questions and get acquainted
  • Start participating in clan activities!

Be active, be collaborative, and most importantly – have fun!

Clan Etiquette and Rules

While all clans have their own culture, here is some general etiquette to follow:


  • Be respectful in clan chat and external platforms
  • Don’t spam clan members with messages/invites without permission
  • Don’t publicly air interpersonal grievances

Research Contributions

  • Contribute resources to clan research whenever possible
  • Don’t start new research without permission

Inactivity Policy

  • If there is an inactivity policy, make sure to login and participate as needed to avoid getting removed

Following the clan rules and being a good clan-mate goes a long way. Enjoy the community!

Key Takeaways

  • Clans provide exclusive benefits like gear research and trading
  • Evaluate clans based on size, values, contributions required and communication platforms
  • Browse recruiting channels, forums and websites to find a good fit
  • Follow application instructions from the clan’s recruiting post
  • Be an active and collaborative clan member
  • Follow rules on communication, research contributions and inactivity

Joining a clan can take your WarFrame experience to the next level. So find one that suits your gameplay style and get ready for good times ahead!