How to Get Abducted By Aliens in The Sims 4 Game Pack

Use a Telescope

One of the most well-known ways to increase your chances of alien abduction is to frequently use a telescope, especially at night. Spend time stargazing and you might notice strange lights in the sky before an alien shows up. Upgrade to the most expensive telescope for best results.

Max Out the Science Skill

Aliens tend to target nerdy, scientifically-inclined Sims more often. Have your Sim reach level 10 in the Science skill for the best odds. Read science books, conduct experiments, and use lab equipment as much as possible.

Befriend Aliens

If you have Get To Work installed, create an alien Sim in Create A Sim. Then arrange a meetup with your human Sim and try to build up a friendly relationship. Aliens that know your Sim already are more likely to visit.

Have the “Insane” Trait

Weirdly enough, insane Sims also seem prone to alien abductions. When creating your Sim, give them the Insane trait if you want better chances, at the cost of some chaotic side effects from the trait.

Move to Strangerville

The Strangerville game pack world has a much higher alien activity level than other worlds. If you have this pack installed, move to Strangerville and leave your Sim outside stargazing at night for better odds.

Use Cheats

You can also trigger an alien abduction manually if you want to skip the randomness. Bring up the cheat console and enter “testingcheats on” followed by “abduct “. Your targeted Sim will immediately get abducted.

What Happens During Abduction

When aliens come, your Sim will be teleported away in colorful beams of light. They are taken to a special lab area and experimented on via probes and scanning equipment. The aliens then erase your Sim’s memory and return them home a few hours later.

Aftermath and Pregnancy

After being abducted, your Sim can end up pregnant with an alien baby if they are biologically capable. This has no negative effects on the mother. The baby will be born green-skinned but otherwise normal.

Multiple Abductions

Sims can be abducted by aliens more than once. However, there is a cool-down period of a few days before your Sim is eligible again. Spend this time building skills and relationships to continue attracting aliens.

Playing as an Alien

As mentioned previously, you can create an alien Sim in Create A Sim. This allows you to play as an alien full-time with unique powers like brain extraction. You can visit neighborhoods, befriend humans, and use your powers for mischief or helping.

Alien Visuals

Aliens in The Sims 4 have large oval heads, oval eyes, and green skin. Their facial features otherwise resemble normal Sims. They wear futuristic jumpsuits and have hovering animations instead of walking. Custom alien skins and clothes are available via CC.

Active vs Passive

Active aliens are manually placed in towns via Create A Sim, so you control them fully. Passive aliens only show up randomly to abduct people, so you cannot control or follow them long-term. Both types enrich a sci-fi themed neighborhood.

Neighborhood Stories

With the free Neighborhood Stories feature, passive NPC aliens may randomly abduct town residents even if you don’t see it happening. This keeps alien activity lively in backgrounds of saves where you don’t play alien-focused families.

Alien Items

Various alien-themed build items come with Get To Work for decoration:

  • Abduction lamp
  • Experiment pod
  • Hologram machine
  • Satellite dish
  • Space rocks
  • UFO model

These provide nice visual touches related to aliens. Place several together to make a small alien research lab.

Get To Work Expansion

Note that passive alien visits and abductions require the Get To Work expansion pack. Without this pack installed, you cannot get abducted or see aliens appear in towns. All alien gameplay stems from this pack’s additions.

In Conclusion