How to Hide and Minimize Onscreen Mouse Pointer in BlueStacks Android Emulator App

BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator that allows you to run Android apps and games on your Windows or Mac computer. However, the onscreen mouse pointer can sometimes get in the way when playing games. Here are some tips for hiding, minimizing, or customizing the mouse pointer in BlueStacks:

Hide the Mouse Pointer Completely

You can completely hide the mouse pointer in BlueStacks using a keyboard shortcut:

  • Launch your game in BlueStacks
  • Once in-game, press the F1 key on your keyboard to toggle the mouse pointer on and off

When hidden this way, the pointer will remain hidden until you press F1 again to unhide it.

Note: In some games, the F1 shortcut may not work if the game has updated its own controls. In that case, try the steps below to lock or customize the pointer instead.

Lock the Mouse Pointer

Rather than hiding the pointer completely, you can lock it in place so it doesn’t move around and get in the way:

  • Open the Sidebar in BlueStacks and click the Lock Cursor icon (it looks like a mouse pointer with a lock on it)
  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + L to toggle the cursor lock on and off

When locked, you won’t be able to move the pointer around. To unlock it, click the Lock Cursor icon again or use Ctrl + L.

Customize the Mouse Pointer Appearance

You can customize the mouse pointer in the BlueStacks settings:

  1. Open the BlueStacks settings menu
  2. Go to Display > Mouse
  3. Select the pointer style you want from the different options
  4. Adjust the pointer size and opacity to minimize distractions

Some good options are the smaller dot style pointer or lowering the opacity.

Use Gamepad Controls Instead

If you have a gamepad connected to your computer, you can map touch controls to the gamepad instead of needing to use the mouse pointer:

  1. Open the Game Controls menu in BlueStacks
  2. Map game actions like tap, swipe, aim, shoot to your gamepad buttons
  3. Disable the onscreen touch controls

Now you can control everything with your gamepad instead of the mouse.

Adjust In-Game Sensitivity

For shooting games, you may find the mouse sensitivity is too high and makes precise aiming difficult. You can adjust this in the Game Controls settings:

  1. Open the Game Controls menu
  2. Go to the Shooting Mode Sensitivity section
  3. Lower the slider to reduce sensitivity as needed

Start low and increase slowly until you find a comfortable sensitivity for aiming and firing.

Use Keyboard and Mouse Controls

Many games allow you to customize touch controls to keyboard and mouse inputs instead. This allows precise control without needing the touch pointer.

  1. Open the Advanced Game Controls editor
  2. Delete any unwanted touch control buttons
  3. Map actions like tap, swipe, aim, shoot to keys/mouse buttons

WASD keys for movement, mouse for aiming and firing, etc. Tailor the mapping to your preferences.

Hide Non-Essential UI Elements

Some games may have onscreen joysticks, buttons, and other UI elements that get in the way. See if you can disable these by:

  1. Going into the game’s settings/options menu
  2. Look for toggles to hide UI elements, buttons, and other clutter

This helps minimize distractions and screen clutter.


Hiding or customizing the mouse pointer in BlueStacks helps provide a less distracting experience so you can focus on your games. Using keyboard, mouse, or gamepad controls instead of the touch pointer is also recommended where possible.

Experiment with the different options to find the right balance for each game in terms of visibility, sensitivity, and control scheme. With a few tweaks, you can enjoy your favorite mobile games on PC without the annoying mouse pointer getting in the way.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for controlling the mouse pointer behavior in BlueStacks:

  • Use the ESC key to quickly unlock a locked cursor
  • Update your graphics drivers if experiencing issues with mouse control
  • Disable mouse acceleration in Windows settings for consistent pointer movement
  • Try toggling the Disable Mouse Integration option in BlueStacks settings
  • Adjust the double-click speed and pointer speed in Windows settings
  • Use a gaming mouse with adjustable DPI for more precision control
  • Tweak the BlueStacks CPU and RAM allocation if games stutter or lag

Getting the mouse controls tuned just right takes some experimentation, but pays off with buttery smooth gaming buttery smooth gaming performance. Combine these mouse tweaks with mapping keys and gamepad controls and you have a premium mobile gaming experience rivaling PCs and consoles!