How to Increase Cell Row Height in Google Sheets Spreadsheets

  • Markdown Converter (Chrome extension)
  • Markdowndocs (web app)
  1. Manually convert the Markdown formatting after importing the text. You can copy and paste Markdown text into a Google Doc, then manually apply headings, bold, italics, etc. by highlighting the text and clicking the formatting buttons. This takes more work but may be an option if you don’t need to automate it.
  2. Use Zapier to convert the Markdown to HTML first. Zapier has a “Markdown to HTML” step you could use, then import the resulting HTML into Google Docs – some basic formatting like headings and lists may be preserved this way.
  3. Write a script to handle the conversion. If you’re able to code, you could look into writing a script (e.g. in JavaScript) that can parse the Markdown and apply the equivalent Google Docs formatting. This would take more effort to set up but allow full automation.

So in summary, there’s no perfect built-in way to automatically import Markdown into Google Docs while retaining all the formatting. But with the right tool or script, you should be able to find a workflow that meets your needs, whether that’s a simple copy/paste fix or a fully automated solution. Let me know if any of those options work for you!