How to Insert and Format Text Boxes in Google Docs Documents

Text boxes are a useful feature in Google Docs that allow you to highlight or emphasize certain text in your document. They are great for calling attention to key points or separating text visually.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about inserting and formatting text boxes in Google Docs.

Inserting a Text Box

Inserting a text box in Google Docs is simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Click Insert > Drawing > + New in the toolbar at the top
  2. In the toolbar that appears, click the Text box icon (it looks like a small box with text in it)
  3. Click and drag your mouse on the page to draw the text box to your desired size
  4. Type or paste your text into the box
  5. Customize the formatting (see next section)
  6. When done, click Save and close in the upper right corner of the text box toolbar

The text box will now appear inserted into your document wherever you drew the box in step 3.

Formatting Text Boxes

Once inserted, text boxes can be formatted in various ways:

Text Formatting

  • Font family, size, color, bolding, italics etc. can be changed by highlighting the text in the box and using the formatting options in the toolbar at the top
  • Text alignment can be adjusted left, center, right, or justified by clicking the alignment icons

Border Customization

  • Border color can be changed by clicking the Border color icon (next to the paint bucket icon) and choosing a color
  • Border thickness can be increased or decreased using the up/down arrows next to the Border weight icon
  • Border dash type (solid, dotted, dashed etc.) can be selected using the Border dash dropdown menu
  • Rounded corners can be added using the Rounded corners dropdown

Background Customization

  • Background color can be changed by clicking the Fill color icon (the paint bucket) and choosing a color
  • Opacity can be adjusted using the slider next to the bucket icon
  • Gradient fills can be selected using the Fill effects option

Resizing, Rotating, Positioning

The text box can be:

  • Resized by clicking and dragging the round handles on the edges and corners
  • Rotated by clicking and dragging the green circle above the box
  • Repositioned by clicking and dragging the box to any location

Tips for Using Text Boxes Effectively

Here are some tips to use text boxes effectively in your documents:

  • Use them sparingly. Too many text boxes can make your document look cluttered.
  • Be consistent with text box formatting. Use similar borders, backgrounds etc.
  • Make sure they stand out. Use contrasting colors from the body text.
  • Keep text brief and scannable inside boxes.
  • Place them close to related content in the document body.
  • Use them to organize content into sections or highlight key points.


Text boxes are a handy way to make text stand out in Google Docs. They are easy to insert and offer many customization options.

Use them strategically to draw attention to important content, organize information visually, and make your documents look clean and professional.

With the steps outlined in this guide, you should now feel confident inserting and formatting text boxes however you need in Google Docs.

Let me know if you have any other questions!