How To Factory Reset and Wipe an Oppo A37 Smartphone Device

Factory resetting, also known as hard resetting, your Oppo A37 smartphone is an effective way to restore it to its original factory settings. This removes all personal data, customizations, and installed apps, effectively giving you a ‘clean slate’ device.

Resetting your Oppo A37 can be useful for several reasons:

When You Should Factory Reset Your Oppo A37

  • Before selling or gifting your device – Resetting removes all personal data like photos, messages, accounts, and more. This protects your privacy when passing the device to someone else.
  • To fix software-related issues – A factory reset can fix problems like freezing, crashing, slow performance, app errors, etc. Resetting clears temporary files and refreshes the operating system.
  • After a major software update – Major Android OS updates can sometimes cause issues. Resetting after an update often fixes problems and gives the new OS a ‘clean slate’ to work with.
  • To remove a forgotten lock screen password or pattern – If you can’t unlock your device because you forgot the PIN, password, or pattern, a factory reset allows you to access it again.

Before Resetting Your Oppo A37

Before factory resetting your device, it’s important to:

  • Back up any data you want to keep – photos, messages, contacts, etc. Resetting will erase everything.
  • Make sure you have your Google account credentials if you use one on the device. You’ll need to log into the same account after resetting.
  • Charge the phone adequately – at least 50% battery is recommended.
  • Turn off Find My Device or any other anti-theft apps.
  • Ensure you can log into the phone before resetting if it has a lock screen password/pattern.

How to Factory Reset Oppo A37 from Recovery Mode

Recovery mode offers a quick way to factory reset your A37 even if you can’t access the settings menu:

  1. Turn the device off completely.
  2. Hold down the Power + Volume UP buttons together until you see the recovery menu.
  3. Use volume keys to scroll to ‘Wipe Data and Factory Reset‘ and select it using the power key.
  4. Select ‘Yes‘ to confirm and perform a full factory reset.
  5. Choose ‘Reboot‘ when done. This will restart your device with factory settings.

How to Reset Oppo A37 from Settings Menu

If you can access your device’s settings, you can reset your A37 as follows:

  1. Open Settings and select Backup & Reset.
  2. Choose Factory Data Reset and then Reset Phone.
  3. If prompted, enter your lock screen password or pattern.
  4. Finally, select Erase Everything on the confirmation popup to reset your device.

The Oppo A37 will restart itself automatically once the reset completes. It can take several minutes to finish so be patient.

After Resetting Your Oppo A37

Once the reset process finishes, your device will boot up again running the out-of-the-box Android OS it came with.

You’ll then go through the initial device setup like when you first got your A37:

  • Choose your preferred language
  • Connect to a WiFi network
  • Log into or create a new Google account
  • Set up lock screen security if you want
  • Install apps from the Play Store

And that’s it! Your Oppo A37 is now reset to its factory settings, offering a clean slate and removing any previous data or customizations.

Video Guide on Hard Resetting Oppo A37

Here is a helpful YouTube video demonstrating the recovery mode method to factory reset your Oppo A37:

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Alternative: Reset Oppo A37 Using Dr.Fone – Android Eraser

Dr.Fone – Android Eraser by Wondershare offers an excellent alternative way to reset your Oppo A37, especially if you can’t boot into recovery mode or access settings.

Key advantages include:

  • Reset Oppo devices in Download/Fastboot mode instead of recovery
  • No need to unlock phone or remember Google credentials
  • Selectively erase data instead of full factory reset
  • Preview and backup data before erasing

Follow simple on-screen instructions to connect your A37 via USB and erase all data securely.

FAQs About Resetting Oppo A37

Q: Will I lose all my data when factory resetting Oppo A37?

A: Yes, resetting your A37 erases all data, settings, installed apps and customizations, restoring it to factory condition. So backup anything important first.

Q: Do I need WiFi or mobile data to reset?

A: No, you can factory reset the A37 even if it has no internet connectivity. The process happens locally on the device.

Q: How long does an Oppo A37 factory reset take?

A: It usually takes 3-5 minutes to complete but can take up to 15 minutes depending on specific device model, OS version, and amount of data.

Q: Can I reset Oppo A37 without screen unlock password?

A: Yes, using the recovery mode method lets you bypass lock screen security and reset your device.

Q: Will resetting delete Android OS or downgrade it?

A: No, resetting simply erases user data. The current Android OS version remains intact after the Oppo A37 resets itself.


Factory resetting your Oppo A37 clears all previous data and customizations, restoring your device to ‘out-of-the-box’ software condition without downgrading its OS.

It often resolves software issues, eliminates forgotten lock passwords, or wipes your device before selling it. Just remember to backup important data beforehand.

Following the step-by-step recovery mode or settings menu methods above makes the process easy. Within minutes, you’ll have a like-new Oppo A37 ready for setup and use.