How to Locate and Find the Basement Hatch in Dead by Daylight Game

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where four survivors face off against a killer. One way for the last surviving player to escape is to locate and unlock the basement hatch. This can be challenging as the hatch spawns randomly each game. Here are some tips to help locate the basement hatch in Dead by Daylight:

Understanding the Basement Hatch

  • The hatch acts as an emergency escape route when only one survivor remains in the trial.
  • It spawns randomly on the map once the number of repaired generators exceeds the number of living survivors by 1.
  • The hatch makes a loud wind noise within a 16 meter range. This helps survivors locate it by sound.
  • Killers can close the hatch, forcing the last survivor to open an exit gate instead.

Basement Hatch Spawn Locations

  • The hatch can spawn on the ground level of any map, including inside the basement of main buildings.
  • It will never spawn in the basements of houses or on upper floors of multi-level maps.
  • On some maps like The Game, it tends to frequently spawn in the basement boiler room.
  • The hatch typically spawns near the killer shack if there is no basement there.

Using Perks to Find the Hatch

  • The Left Behind perk reveals the hatch’s aura to you when you’re the last survivor.
  • Wake Up increases the range at which you hear the hatch, making it easier to locate.
  • A Map with the Black Silk Cord add-on will reveal the hatch’s location.

Listening for Hatch Sounds

  • Turning off music can make it easier to hear the hatch’s distinct wind sounds.
  • Wearing headphones boosts awareness of directional audio cues.
  • Walk in widening circles around structures to pinpoint the source of hatch sounds.

Good Locations to Check

  • Start searching near the basement or main building.
  • Also check the shack if there’s no basement there.
  • The hatch tends to frequently spawn near generators along the edge of maps.
  • On multiple floor maps, check the ground level thoroughly first.

Utilizing Teamwork

  • If playing with other survivors, split up to cover more ground.
  • Use gestures and chat to communicate hatch locations.
  • Have the healthiest survivor guard the hatch while injured teammates finish generators.

What to Do When the Hatch is Closed

  • Be ready to sprint to the nearest exit gate switch.
  • Use Any Means Necessary to instantly unlock the gate.
  • Drop pallets to slow the killer during your escape.

Avoiding Hatch Standoffs

  • Don’t jump in right away – the killer may be camping nearby.
  • Peer from a distance to check for the red stain indicating the killer’s presence.
  • Use lockers to evade the killer’s detection until the coast is clear.

Final Tips

  • Practice memorizing potential hatch spawn points on each map.
  • Play both survivor and killer to learn common hatch hiding spots.
  • Remain calm and methodical in your search patterns.
  • Never give up! The hatch could be just one more check away.

Locating the basement hatch takes map knowledge, audio awareness, and a bit of luck. Utilize these tips during your next trial to boost your chances of harnessing the hatch’s life-saving power. Persistence and good teamwork can often triumph over the killer’s best efforts to halt your escape.

With some practice at honing your hatch-hunting skills, you’ll be ready to take on any trial and survive another night of horror in Dead by Daylight. The fight for survival is never easy, but escape is always a possibility for those clever and determined enough to find the way out.