How to Locate Map Exfiltration Points in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov (EFT) is an intense and unforgiving first-person shooter game known for its hardcore realism. As a player, you are dropped into various maps in the fictional Norvinsk region and must fight to survive while collecting weapons, ammunition, equipment, and other loot.

A key mechanic in EFT is extracting safely from raids in order to keep all the gear and loot you secured. Failure to reach one of the designated extraction points before your MIA (Missing in Action) status expires means losing everything, even items stored in your secure container.

As such, knowledge of extraction points on maps is critical for survival and success in Escape From Tarkov. This guide will provide an overview of exfiltration mechanics and tips for learning extractions across all maps.

Exfiltration Basics

When you spawn into a raid, a timer starts counting down the length of that raid. The duration depends on the map, but generally lasts between 30-60 minutes.

You must reach an extraction point before this timer expires. Open your in-game map (default O key) to view available extractions and the raid timer.

There are two extraction types:

  • Guaranteed: Always available and usable. The extraction animation plays once entered.
  • Conditional: May or may not be active depending on unknown factors. Some require money, keys, cooperation, or other actions to activate.

Learn which is which through experience. Don’t assume an extraction working once means it’s permanently available.

PMC vs Scav Extractions

Player scavs have different extraction points than PMCs (Private Military Contractors). Sometimes they overlap, sometimes not.

Learn possible scav exfiltrations thoroughly. Assuming an exit is universal can prove fatal.

Tips for Learning Extractions

Mastering extractions is critical for survival in EFT. Here are some tips:

Study Maps

Print out maps from the Wiki, Map Genie etc. and memorize them. Navigate raids offline to learn exits. This spatial knowledge is essential.

Look for Landmarks

Note major landmarks like large rocks, buildings, the gas station near you etc. Pinpointing your location this way allows quicker orientation to the nearest extraction as you move.

Use a Compass

Compasses indicate north/south and help relate your position to known extraction points.

Do Offline Raids

Practice offline to learn the exfil locations without risk. Ensure you can reach multiple exits from different spawn locations.

Play as a Scav

Scav runs grant risk-free raid experience, allowing you to learn the maps and test extractions before going in on your PMC.

Ask for Help

If utterly lost, use VOIP proximity chat to ask fellow players for directions to extractions. Some may team up to show you.

Check Your Corners

Watch for exit campers hiding near vulnerable extractions to ambush desperate players. Never let your guard down!

With some dedicated practice using the above tips, learning all the extraction points will become second nature over time. This game knowledge will prove invaluable for survival during real raids.

Maps and Major Extraction Points

Here is an overview of extraction locations on some major maps within Escape from Tarkov:


  • Trailer Park
  • Old Gas Station
  • ZB-1011
  • Crossroads
  • RUAF Roadblock


  • Emercom
  • Railway Exfil
  • Scav Camp Exfil
  • Power Station


  • Gate 3 Extract
  • Cellars Extract
  • Gate 0 Extract


  • Outskirts
  • Road to Customs
  • RUAF Roadblock
  • UN Roadblock


  • Tunnel
  • Pier Boat
  • CCP Temporary
  • Path to Lighthouse

The Lab

  • Loading bay shutters
  • Sewer manhole
  • Hangar gate
  • Server room exfil

Final Tips

  • Pack paracords/ice picks if needing specific exits.
  • Save maps on a second monitor/tablet.
  • Move deliberately but quickly to avoid getting pinned.
  • Avoid hotspots like dorms until map knowledge improves.
  • Play in a group to leave risky extracts safer.
  • Think about raid pathing and extraction location before spawning.
  • Listen for distant gunshots to avoid hot areas.

Learning all extractions takes time and experience, but knowledge of exit locations is essential. Follow these tips during your raids for better orientation and survival rates.

With improved confidence in navigating raids and reaching your exfiltration point, you can focus more on securing juicy loot and dominating firefights rather than worrying about getting lost. Good luck, escape from Tarkov!