How to Make and Add Custom Stickers in Discord Chat Application

Discord has recently introduced the ability for users to create and upload their own custom stickers to servers. Here is a guide on how to make and add custom stickers in Discord:

Requirements for Custom Stickers

To be able to upload custom stickers to a Discord server, there are a few requirements:

  • The server needs to be boosted to at least Level 1. This requires 2 server boosts.
  • You need the “Manage Emojis and Stickers” permission in the server.
  • Custom stickers must be in PNG or APNG format.
  • Sticker files cannot exceed 512 KB in size.
  • Sticker dimensions must be exactly 320 x 320 pixels.

Creating a Custom Sticker

To create a custom sticker suitable for Discord:

  • Use an image editing software like Photoshop, GIMP, or Kapwing Studio.
  • Ensure your image is precisely 320 x 320 pixels.
  • Export the image as a PNG or APNG file.
  • Keep the file size under 512 KB.

You can create a custom sticker from scratch or edit an existing image to the correct specifications. Animated stickers in APNG format can also be created and uploaded.

Uploading Custom Stickers to a Server

To upload a custom sticker:

  • Go to the target Discord server.
  • Open the server settings and go to the Stickers tab.
  • Click the “Upload Sticker” button.
  • Select your sticker file.
  • Give the sticker a name and assign an emoji to represent it.
  • Add an optional description.
  • Click upload.

The custom sticker will now be available for all members of the server to use.

Using Custom Stickers in Chats

To use a custom sticker in a chat:

  • Open the emoji picker next to the chat box.
  • Go to the Stickers tab.
  • Browse through the stickers and select the one you want to use.
  • The sticker will be immediately posted to the chat.

Server members can use animated and static custom stickers this way.

Limits on Custom Stickers

Discord imposes limits on the number of custom stickers per server based on boost level:

  • Level 1 (2 boosts) – 15 stickers
  • Level 2 (7 boosts) – 30 stickers
  • Level 3 (14 boosts) – 60 stickers

So to add more custom stickers, the server needs to be boosted further.

Tips for Custom Discord Stickers

Here are some tips to create effective custom stickers for your Discord server:

  • Stick to a consistent art style for your sticker pack.
  • Use stickers to represent popular memes and jokes in your server.
  • Create stickers themed around the topic of your server.
  • Add animated effects to stickers when appropriate.
  • Keep file sizes small so stickers load quickly.
  • Delete unused stickers to free up slots for new ones.

Troubleshooting Discord Stickers

Some common problems with Discord stickers and their solutions:

  • Can’t add stickers: Server not boosted, missing permissions, or sticker file invalid.
  • Stickers not showing: User needs to refresh Discord to fetch new stickers.
  • Can’t edit stickers: Delete and re-upload sticker to make edits.

Overall, Discord stickers provide a fun way to liven up conversations on boosted servers. Following this guide, you can easily create and add custom stickers for your server members to enjoy.