How to Create Your Own Google Meet Video Call Link

Google Meet is a popular video conferencing platform that allows you to easily set up video call meetings. With Google Meet, you can create your own custom video call links to schedule meetings or start instant video calls.

Benefits of Using Google Meet

Here are some of the key benefits of using Google Meet:

  • Free and easy to use: Google Meet is free for anyone with a Google account. It’s very easy to set up video calls without needing to download any software.
  • Good video and audio quality: Google Meet provides high-quality HD video and clear audio for meetings. It automatically adjusts quality based on your internet bandwidth.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: You can join Google Meet calls from any device – phone, tablet, laptop or computer. There are mobile apps available as well.
  • Secure and reliable: Google Meet uses encryption to keep your calls secure. It’s built on Google’s robust infrastructure so you can count on reliability.
  • Useful features: Google Meet offers real-time captions, screen sharing, background blur, attendance tracking, and more.

Ways to Create a Google Meet Link

There are a few different ways to create a meeting link in Google Meet:

1. Create Link in Google Meet Web App

The easiest way is to generate a meeting link right from the Google Meet web app:

  • Go to and login to your Google account
  • Click on “New Meeting”
  • Choose “Get a meeting link to share”
  • Copy the meeting link or click “Share invite” to send to participants

2. Create Link in Google Meet Mobile App

You can also create meeting links using the Google Meet mobile app on your phone or tablet:

  • Open the Google Meet app
  • Tap on “New meeting”
  • Choose “Get a meeting link to share”
  • Copy the link or tap “Share invite”

3. Create Link in Google Calendar

Another option is to generate a meeting link through Google Calendar:

  • Open Google Calendar
  • Create a new event
  • Click “Add Google Meet video conferencing”
  • Save the event
  • The event details will contain the meeting link

4. Create Link in Gmail

In Gmail, you can start an instant Google Meet call or schedule a future meeting:

  • In Gmail, click “Meet”
  • Choose “New meeting”
  • Select “Get a meeting link to share”
  • Copy the link or send invites

Customizing and Sharing the Meeting Link

Once you’ve created a meeting link, you can customize and share it:

Add Event Details

In Google Calendar, you can add details like date/time, event title, guests etc. This provides context to meeting participants.

Copy Link to Clipboard

Highlight and copy the meeting link to share via chat, email, or any channel.

Share Invite

Google Meet gives an option to directly share the meeting invitation with guests over email, chat apps etc.

Send Calendar Invites

For meetings created in Google Calendar, you can include the meeting link in calendar invites sent to guests.

Share Link Manually

You can manually send the meeting link to participants over chat, email, social media etc.

Joining a Google Meet Call

There are a couple ways for participants to join a Google Meet call:

Open Shared Link

Participants can simply open the Google Meet link directly in any web browser to join the video meeting.

Join via Calendar Invite

If they received a calendar invite, guests can open the event details and click “Join with Google Meet” to join the call.

Dial-in Using Phone

If enabled, a dial-in phone number can be used to join the audio portion of the meeting.

Tips for Creating Meeting Links

Here are some tips when creating and sharing Google Meet links:

  • Set a Specific Date/Time: Give your meeting a date/time context even if meant for instant meetings. This gives participants more details.
  • Use Descriptive Titles: Give your meeting a title that describes the purpose, so guests know what it’s about.
  • Limit Sharing: Be careful about sharing links publicly on social media or websites. This allows anyone to join your meeting.
  • Check Settings: Review your Google Meet settings to disable features if needed, like screen sharing.
  • Test Links: Test your meeting links before the actual meeting to ensure proper setup.


Creating meeting links in Google Meet is quick and straightforward from either the web app, mobile app or Google Calendar. With customizable and sharable meeting links, you can easily organize video conferences and connect with remote teams or friends. So next time you want to hop on a video call, simply create your own meeting link in Google Meet!