How to Modify and Change Your TikTok Username Handle

Your TikTok username, also known as your handle, is an important part of your brand and identity on the platform. As a TikTok creator, you want a username that is memorable, represents you well, and is available to use.

However, TikTok only allows you to change your username once every 30 days. So before modifying your handle, make sure your new choice is the right one. This article will walk you through everything you need to know to change your TikTok username successfully.

Why You Might Want to Change Your Username

There are a few key reasons why you may want to update your TikTok username:


If you have rebranded your TikTok channel with a new focus or niche, changing your username to match can help strengthen your new brand. Choosing a relevant, descriptive handle signals to new viewers what your content is about.

Gaining More Followers

An outdated or random username can undermine your growth potential. By modifying your handle to be more relevant to your content, you make it easier for new viewers to find you and understand your channel.

Fixing Errors

Maybe you chose your original username in haste and now realize it contains a misspelling. Or perhaps it doesn’t accurately convey your focus anymore. Changing it will give you a fresh start.

TikTok Username Rules and Restrictions

Before setting your sights on a new handle, familiarize yourself with TikTok’s username rules:

  • Usernames can contain letters, numbers, periods, and underscores only
  • They must be between 2 and 24 characters
  • You can only change your username once every 30 days
  • Usernames are unique – no two people can have the same handle

TikTok will notify you during the editing process if the username you want is unavailable. If so, get creative with adding extra numbers, abbreviations, or symbols while keeping the rules in mind.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Username

Ready to modify your TikTok handle? Follow these simple steps:

1. Tap the Profile Icon

Open the TikTok app and tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner. This will take you to your public profile page.

2. Select “Edit Profile”

From your profile, tap on the pencil “Edit Profile” icon in the upper right corner.

3. Choose Username

On the Edit Profile page, tap on the Username field. This is where you can enter and change your desired handle.

4. Type New Username

Delete your current username and type in the new handle you want. Remember to follow TikTok’s rules for usernames as you create one.

5. Check Availability

Before saving, TikTok will let you know if the username you requested is available. If not, you’ll have to try a different one.

6. Confirm Changes

When you land on an available username, tap “Save” to confirm the change. TikTok will ask you to verify the modification – tap “Change Username” to complete.

And you’re done! You have successfully changed your TikTok username.

What Happens When You Change Your Username

Here are a few key things to know about how changing your handle impacts your account:

  • Your profile URL will automatically update to reflect the new username
  • You only get one free change every 30 days – after that you’d have to switch back to a previous one
  • Any existing links with your old username will break
  • Verified accounts will lose verification status after changing the username

So weigh the pros and cons before modifying your handle since it can impact your channel. But the good news is that once you do have a great, relevant username – you won’t need to change it again!

Choosing the Right TikTok Username

Picking the perfect TikTok handle takes creativity and strategy. Here are some tips:

Make it memorable and catchy – Short, quirky usernames tend to gain more attention. Play around with variations of your name, nicknames, or phrases related to your content.

Show what you’re about – Incorporate relevant keywords so viewers instantly know your niche when they see your videos. This helps attract your target audience.

Stand out – While descriptive handles have power, ultra-common keywords as usernames can make you forgettable. Brainstorm unique variations.

Check availability – Type the username you want into TikTok’s search bar to instantly see if it’s taken. If not, claim it before someone else does!

Use name generators – If you’re stuck, let TikTok-specific name generators provide suggestions based on keywords. Tweak ones you like to make them your own.

Why Your Username Matters for Growth

Your TikTok username is much more than just a formality – it’s an essential piece of branding on a platform where standing out is vital.

An engaging, memorable handle makes it easier for new viewers to find your content when searching TikTok. It also clearly communicates what you’re about, helping you attract the right followers.

Furthermore, a strong username makes it effortless for existing viewers to locate your profile and recommend you to others.

In short, putting thought into your TikTok handle gives your account a better chance at being discovered – and fuels growth.


Changing your username on TikTok is simple if you follow the step-by-step process outlined above.

But don’t take the decision lightly. Rule-breaking or frequently changing your handle can negatively impact your brand and growth.

Brainstorm creative, strategic usernames that communicate your niche, stand out from the crowd, and align with TikTok’s policies. This will set you up for searchability and success on TikTok.

Expert Author Bio

Mary Johnson has over 5 years of experience managing top creators on TikTok. She specializes in brand development, growth strategies, and channel optimization for TikTok influencers. Mary has helped dozens of clients choose the perfect username, rebrand successfully, and gain thousands of engaged followers.