How to Obtain a Compass Item in the Escape From Tarkov Game

Key Takeaways

  • The compass is an in-game item that helps with navigation, indicating north and south directions
  • It can be obtained by completing the “Search Mission” quest from Prapor or purchased from Jaeger after unlocking him
  • The compass is equipped in one of the three special inventory slots to prevent losing it on death

Obtaining the Compass

There are two main ways to acquire the compass item in Escape From Tarkov:

  1. Complete the “Search Mission” Quest
  • Reach level 5 and complete the “Debut” task from Prapor
  • Take on the “Search Mission” quest, which requires finding Prapor’s missing convoy and a USEC camp on Woods map
  • Successfully extract from the raid, and Prapor will reward you with the EYE MK2 compass among other items[1][2]
  1. Purchase from Jaeger
  • Reach level 10 to unlock Mechanic’s quests
  • Complete the “Gunsmith Part 1” and “Introduction” quests to unlock Jaeger as a trader
  • Visit Jaeger’s store and purchase the compass for around 200,000 Roubles[2]

As an experienced Escape From Tarkov player, I recommend obtaining the compass early on, as it can be incredibly useful for navigation, especially on larger maps like Woods.

Using the Compass

Once you have the compass, follow these steps to use it effectively:

  • Equip the compass in one of the three special inventory slots (brown background with “SPEC” tag) to prevent losing it on death[1]
  • Drag the compass to your hotkey bar or hover over it and press a number key to assign a hotkey
  • In-raid, press the assigned hotkey to bring up the compass in your left hand
  • The red arrow indicates north, and the green/white arrow indicates south[3]
  • The compass will remain open while walking but will close when sprinting
  • Use the compass in conjunction with online maps to orient yourself and locate extracts or points of interest[1][3]

It’s important to note that the in-game maps in Escape From Tarkov are not always oriented with north at the top, so the compass can be crucial for proper navigation, especially when learning new areas[1].

While the compass may not be perfect and can sometimes provide finicky bearings, it remains a valuable tool for new players trying to familiarize themselves with the game’s maps and environments[1][6]. As you gain more experience, you may find yourself relying less on the compass, but it can still be handy in certain situations.